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2021-22 Season Opt Outs? Who Will Stay, Who Will Go? (Revised)

*Updated as of 2021* 

I’ve realized I put Trevor Bauer on here, but remember this article was first originally made in 2020…

SO I’ve decided to put my thoughts as of now below the original.


We’re about 1/6th of a way through the MLB Season as of now and Next year’s Free Agent class is looking kinda good as of right now but could it possibly get any better? Well Actually Yes,

You see when players and teams negotiate a contract in the MLB they can request a thing called an 

Opt (Pronounced: Op-t Ow-t) and it gives the player an option after that season, it can either go two of which ways, 

Option 1: Player can leave and go test the market (Free Agent Market) and look for a possible better deal than previous

Option 2: The player can decline the opt-out option and continue the current contract with the team currently signed with/Playing for 


If a Player accepts his Opt-out clause it will make him classified as a Free Agent and part of that Free Agency class, These players currently have that option and I’ll breakdown if they accept or decline and if they decline where they possibly could go.

Note: I’m not an expert at this stuff so don’t go bashing on me


3B, Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals (can Opt-out of current 6 years, $179 Million Contract) 

What I Say: No, Nolan will stay in St Louis and decline his opt-out option for this year, as he does have more on his current deal he will possibly not use them because he said he wants to be a cardinal and was having rumors around him saying that while in Colorado he sent messages to Pitcher Adam Wainwright (#5o for the Cardinals) saying he wants to come to St. Louis and would love to play here in St. Louis.

Updated: Yadi and Wainwright set to retire so it’s still a no


SP, Trevor Bauer, Los Angeles Dodgers 

What I say: No, Trevor is set to make $45MM Next year, Simple as that, If you’re guaranteed a contract like that no matter what you should take it and I think he will too.

Updated: prison 


OF, Nick Castellanos, Cincinatti Reds

What I Say: Yes, I think he will want more money than $17MM and will wanna go to a team where they can win possibly, With his hot start of the season I think he will Leave Cincinnati.

Where he will go: Possibly Milwaukee Brewers (2 Years, $40M/$20MM) 

Milwaukee is looking for Outfield help, and Right now JBJ and Lo-Cain aren’t gonna lock it up because they need hitters and Nicholas can fill that spot up while Cain (Age 35) is declining out of his 2018 form and Yelich, we don’t know much about him yet, 

Updated: Castellanos is still gonna opt-out but I think with the recent Lauerauno Scandal Oakland will try to make persuit on him or he could go down to queens with the mets.

RF, Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies

What I say: No, I think he likes Colorado a lot and would like to stay in Denver, Not much to say because not many teams would want a Player like Blackmon as he is exiting the Prime stage of his career.


Updated: same thoughts

DH/OF, J.D Martinez, Boston Red Sox

What I Say: No, I think he will stay in Boston and finish out his career in Boston because he doesn’t have much besides Power because of him getting so used to him being in the Designated Hitter spot in the lineup.

Updated: He’s still good so no