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Minnesota Sports Universe

Minnesota Sports Universe

2021 NFL Season Predictions, Part 1: Regular Season

At long last, here are part one of my WILD 2021 NFL season predictions! Part 2 will be released Wednesday or Thursday!  

Week 1

Steelers vs Bills W

Browns vs Chiefs W

Dolphins vs Patriots W

W Jaguars vs Texans 

W Ravens vs Raiders

W Vikings vs Bengals 

W Seahawks vs Colts

Chargers vs Washington W

Broncos vs Giants W 

Jets vs Panthers W

Cardinals vs Titans W

Cowboys vs Buccaneers W

Eagles vs Falcons W

49ers vs Lions W

Bears vs Rams W

W Packers vs Saints 

Week 2

Texans vs Browns W

W Bills vs Dolphins 

Broncos vs Jaguars W

W Patriots vs Jets

W Chiefs vs Ravens

Raiders vs Steelers W

W Bengals vs Bears

W Cowboys vs Chargers 

W Rams vs Colts

W Titans vs Seahawks 

Giants vs Washington W

Falcons vs Buccaneers W

W Vikings vs Cardinals 

W 49ers vs Eagles

Saints vs Panthers W

Lions vs Packers W

Week 3

W Jets vs Broncos 

Chargers vs Chiefs W

W Dolphins vs Raiders 

Bengals vs Steelers W

W Colts vs Titans 

W Panthers vs Texans 

Washington vs Bills W

Bears vs Browns W

W Cardinals vs Jaguars 

W Ravens vs Lions 

Saints vs Patriots W

W Packers vs 49ers 

W Falcons vs Giants

Buccaneers vs Rams W
W Seahawks vs Vikings 

Eagles vs Cowboys W

Week 4

W Jaguars vs Bengals 

Texans vs Bills W

W Ravens vs Broncos 

W Colts vs Dolphins 

W Titans vs Jets 

Raiders vs Chargers W
W Chiefs vs Eagles

Steelers vs Packers W

Buccaneers vs Patriots W

W Browns vs Vikings 

W Seahawks vs 49ers 

W Lions vs Bears 

W Panthers vs Cowboys 

W Washington vs Falcons 

Cardinals vs Rams W
W Giants vs Saints 

Week 5

W Browns vs Chargers 

Bills vs Chiefs W

W Titans vs Jaguars 

Broncos vs Steelers W

W Patriots vs Texans 

Colts vs Ravens W

W Packers vs Bengals 

Dolphins vs Buccaneers W

W Jets vs Falcons 

W Bears vs Raiders

Rams vs Seahawks W

49ers vs Cardinals W

Giants vs Cowboys W

Saints vs Washington W

Eagles vs Panthers W

Lions vs Vikings W 

Week 6

W Raiders vs Broncos 

Texans vs Colts W

W Dolphins vs Jaguars 

Chargers vs Ravens W

W Bills vs Titans 

Cardinals vs Browns W

Chiefs vs Washington W

Bengals vs Lions W

W Cowboys vs Patriots

W Seahawks vs Steelers

W Buccaneers vs Eagles 

W Packers vs Bears

W Rams vs Giants

W Vikings vs Panthers 

Week 7

Broncos vs Browns W

W Jets vs Patriots 

Bengals vs Ravens W

Chiefs vs Titans W

Colts vs 49ers W

W Texans vs Cardinals 

Falcons vs Dolphins W

Eagles vs Raiders W

Bears vs Buccaneers W

W Panthers vs Giants

W Washington vs Packers

Lions vs Rams W

Saints vs Seahawks W 

Week 8

Dolphins vs Bills W

Steelers vs Browns W

Patriots vs Chargers W

Titans vs Colts W

W Bengals vs Jets

W Washington vs Broncos 

W Jaguars vs Seahawks

W Rams vs Texans 

Giants vs Chiefs W

W Packers vs Cardinals 

49ers vs Bears W

W Panthers vs Falcons 

Eagles vs Lions W

W Buccaneers vs Saints 

Cowboys vs Vikings W

Week 9

Jets vs Colts W

W Browns vs Bengals 

Texans vs Dolphins W

W Bills vs Jaguars

Packers vs Chiefs W

W Broncos vs Cowboys

W Chargers vs Eagles 

W Raiders vs Giants

Patriots vs Panthers W

Titans vs Rams W

Vikings vs Ravens W

Bears vs Steelers W

W Cardinals vs 49ers

Falcons vs Saints W

Week 10 

Ravens vs Dolphins W

W Jaguars vs Colts

W Bills vs Jets

W Browns vs Patriots 

W Chiefs vs Raiders

W Eagles vs Broncos 

W Vikings vs Chargers 

Lions vs Steelers W

W Saints vs Titans 

Panthers vs Cardinals W

Falcons vs Cowboys W

Buccaneers vs Washington W

W Seahawks vs Packers

W Rams vs 49ers

Week 11

Colts vs Bills W

Steelers vs Chargers W

Dolphins vs Jets W

W Bengals vs Raiders 

Texans vs Titans W

W Patriots vs Falcons 

W Ravens vs Bears 

Lions vs Browns W

Cowboys vs Chiefs W

49ers vs Jaguars W

Saints vs Eagles W

W Washington vs Panthers 

Cardinals vs Seahawks W

Packers vs Vikings W

Giants vs Buccaneers W

Week 12 

W Steelers vs Bengals 

W Chargers vs Broncos 

W Titans vs Patriots 

Browns vs Ravens W

Jets vs Texans W

W Raiders vs Cowboys 

W Bills vs Saints 

W Buccaneers vs Colts

Panthers vs Dolphins W

Falcons vs Jaguars W

W Bears vs Lions 

W Vikings vs 49ers

Eagles vs Giants W

Rams vs Packers W

W Seahawks vs Washington 

Week 13

W Chargers vs Bengals 

Broncos vs Chiefs W

Ravens vs Steelers TIE

W Colts vs Texans

Patriots vs Bills W

Giants vs Dolphins W

Eagles vs Jets W

W Washington vs Raiders

Jaguars vs Rams W

Cowboys vs Saints W

W Cardinals vs Bears

W Buccaneers vs Falcons 

W Vikings vs Lions 

49ers vs Seahawks W

Week 14

W Ravens vs Browns 

W Raiders vs Chiefs 

W Jaguars vs Titans 

W Steelers vs Vikings 

W 49ers vs Bengals

Lions vs Broncos W

Bills vs Buccaneers W

Giants vs Chargers W

W Saints vs Jets

W Seahawks vs Texans

W Cowboys vs Washington 

Bears vs Packers W

Falcons vs Panthers W

W Rams vs Cardinals 

Week 15

Chiefs vs Chargers W

W Bengals vs Broncos 

Raiders vs Browns W

Patriots vs Colts W

Jets vs Dolphins W

Texans vs Jaguars W

W Titans vs Steelers 

Panthers vs Bills W

Packers vs Ravens W

Falcons vs 49ers W

Saints vs Buccaneers W

W Washington vs Eagles

W Cowboys vs Giants 

W Cardinals vs Lions

Seahawks vs Rams W

W Vikings vs Bears

Week 16

W Ravens vs Bengals

Steelers vs Chiefs W

W Jaguars vs Jets

W Bills vs Patriots

W Broncos vs Raiders

W Chargers vs Texans

W 49ers vs Titans

Colts vs Cardinals W

W Browns vs Packers 

Dolphins vs Saints W

W Washington vs Cowboys 

Giants vs Eagles W

Lions vs Falcons W

Buccaneers vs Panthers W

Bears vs Seahawks W

W Rams vs Vikings 

Week 17 

W Chiefs vs Bengals

Broncos vs Chargers W

Raiders vs Colts W

W Jaguars vs Patriots 

Dolphins vs Titans W

Browns vs Steelers W

Texans vs 49ers W

Falcons vs Bills W

W Buccaneers vs Jets

W Rams vs Ravens 

Giants vs Bears W

W Cardinals vs Cowboys

Eagles vs Washington W

Vikings vs Packers W

W Panthers vs Saints

Lions vs Seahawks W

Week 18

Jets vs Bills W

W Chiefs vs Broncos 

Bengals vs Browns W

Patriots vs Dolphins W

Colts vs Jaguars W

Chargers vs Raiders W

Steelers vs Ravens W

W Titans vs Texans

W Panthers vs Buccaneers 

Seahawks vs Cardinals W

Cowboys vs Eagles W

W Saints vs Falcons 

W Washington vs Giants 

W Packers vs Lions 

49ers vs Rams W

Bears vs Vikings W