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3 Day 3 Prospects the Bears should look into

While this is not the top-heavy draft class, this draft class has tons of depth at a lot of positions, and thankfully, this depth comes at some of the Bear’s biggest positions of need.


  1. Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama:

Tolbert is someone who I would not be surprised to go in the third round, but I still think he is more likely a day-three pick. Tolbert is a 6’1 receiver with a 4.49 40 at the combine, which is solid for someone of his height. He would be a significant deep threat over the top to pair with Mooney and someone else that the Bears can hopefully pick up in FA. He had a tremendous final season at South Alabama, where he racked up over 1400 yards on 82 receptions with 12 scores. He has solid hands and had a few drops in college, which were due to his lack of concentration on the ball on catches, and he does not have excellent route-running skills again, not bad by any means, but he doesn’t expect Mooney-like routes if the Bears pick him up. My only other knock is that he is not much of a 50/50 ball guy, so Ryan Poles will still have to go pick up a DJ Chark or another great jump ball wideout in free agency. However, the NFL gave him a player comp of Marvin Harrison, and if you are getting a Marvin Harrison type guy in round 4 to pair with Mooney, sign me up. 


  1. Tariq Carpenter, S, Georgia Tech:

A guy who has been getting some interest from the Bears is safety. Tariq Carpenter, the Bears, have already had some interviews with him, and someone who is projected to be a 6-7 rounder; this could be a great steal. He ran a solid 4.5 at the combine and is 6’2 227 LBS. Carpenter is someone who could be looked back on as an excellent steal for the Bears in the coming years. While it might take him a year to develop as it did with Trevis Gipson, he is someone who will be great to start in special teams and can play safety next to Eddie or be a replacement if the Bears were to trade Eddie and can maybe step in at a hybrid linebacker. Carpenter has tons of experience as he played a ⅘ years at GT. He is an Isiah Simmons-type player who can play all over the defense with great late-round value.


  1. Zyon Mcoullom, CB, Sam Houston

McCollum has shot up draft boards lately, and I will again not be surprised if he goes late, day 2. Zyon had an outstanding combine where he ran a blazing 4.33 with a 39.5 vert. Again McCollum would be great to pair with Jaylon Johnson and another tier 2-3 CB FA. He has the concern of moving from FCS to NFL, but potentially having a great veteran presence around him with guys like Roquan, Eddie, Robert Quinn, and maybe Alec Olgotree, I think he will be just fine. And he will have tons of help playing next to one of the best young corners in the game with Jaylon. He is not the biggest hitter for his size at 6’2 199 but is a pretty solid tackler, which this team needs. Mcoulluom has all the attributes to be a star in this league and another great steal no matter where he falls.