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5 Fantasy Football Bold Takes for 2021 – QB Edition

By Javier Ascoli

Here are my 5 bold takes regarding quarterbacks in Fantasy Football, 2021

  1. Justin Herbert has a better year than his rookie season in terms of stats, and finishes as a top 5 Quarterback in all formats


Herbert had big numbers over his rookie season. Why am I predicting that he will end up as a TOP 5 Fantasy QB? Last season he was the fourth Quarterback with the most pass attempts, just behind Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan. Herbert loves to share the wealth; he loves to pass the ball to every guy from his receiving core. 15 different players caught a pass from Justin last season. Chargers have a talented and speedy core and they invested in their young Quarterback, getting Corey Linsley in FA & Rashawn Slater during the Draft.


  1. Both, Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill finish as Top 10 QBs in Fantasy Points


Despite losing Julio Jones, Matt Ryan is still a great QB to target in Fantasy Drafts, still has a good offensive core. He is coming from a not that good year in terms of stats and still finished number 12 among quarterbacks in Fantasy Points. Bad Defense = High Passing Attempts, that’s one reason on why I really like Matt. He was the QB with the most passing attempts in 2020, with 626. Indoor Home stadium helps a lot. On the Other side, Ryan Tannehill. He is probably the most undervalued quarterback going into 2021 Fantasy Football Drafts. Super Consistent guy, now with Julio there, the Titans have a top tier receiving core, and will help Ryan in his passing game.


  1. Daniel Jones has a breakout season w/healthy offense and finishes Top 15 in Fantasy Points among Quarterbacks


Make or break season for Jones, this season may be his last chance in New York. The Giants invested in him, bringing Kenny Golladay, John Ross and Kadarius Toney in FA/Draft. Saquon Barkley is coming back. My only concern is his O-LINE, but Jones has the Weapons and talent around him to success in 2021.


  1. Jalen Hurts won’t finish as a top 15 QB despite rushing value & upside


Jalen Hurts is an UNPROVEN QB, he has played in just 4 games as a starter. I understand his rushing value and that is why I am not sol on him. DeVonta will help a lot, but I still believe that he’ll finish outside the TOP 15 quarterbacks in fantasy points in all formats, 2021.



  1. Justin Fields gets the starting job before week 5, and finishes Top 15 among QBs in FF Points


Justin Fields has shown in camp/preseason that he is capable to win the starting job in Chicago, he has a good arm and is a good runner. Once he gets the starting job, he’ll go nuts! Fields has a decent Oline and a good receiving core around him.