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The Connor Jordan report

The Connor Jordan report

5 QB’s that the Panthers can pursue

The Carolina Panthers are desperately looking for their QB1 of the future. With that being said, lets look at 5 realistic options at QB for the panthers.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers are looking to move on from Jimmy G which would leave the door open for Carolina to make a move. A trade package would consist of two 2nd round picks and a player.

4. Gardner Minshew. This trade would make a lot of sense. Minshew is still very young and hasn’t gotten a real chance to prove himself. a trade package would consist of a 4th round pick.

3. Matt Corral. Corral has a huge arm and has a lot of poise. He doesn’t try to do to much and will throw away the ball if he has to. He is also a guy that the Panthers can trade back for. Expect him to be taken in the range of 20-30 in the draft. 

2. Kenny Pickett. Pickett is a day 1 starter. He isn’t great at anything but he can be an above average starter for the next 10 years.  

1. Malik Willis. Perhaps the most polarizing prospect in the entire draft. some people have him as high as 2nd overall and some have him as low down as the 2nd round. Willis is not a day 1 starter but he has the highest celling out of anyone of this draft.