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5 Things the Yankees must do in the Off season

The Yankees have been on the brink of the WS for a while now. The Yankees have 27 Championships and the 2010s were the first decade ever the yankees were not champions. This has a variety of reasons but we were just knocked out of the WC game. This is unacceptable for a team like the yankees what can we upgrade in the off season to have a WS birth.


HM: New Management

As of when i’m writing this ( October 19, 2021) Hal Steinbrenner has said they would like to bring Boone back and he is for the next 3 years. This is due to the fact that they think boone was not to blame i see where he is coming from but he has lost the locker room and the team has badly under preformed in the last 3 years in the Boone era. No matter the talent whether it was pitching mistakes or offensive game, Boone can be a good manager somewhere but the Yankees aren’t the home for the former Legend. He has had a top 5 if not the best team. They spend a lot of money year after year. No matter Cole on the mound or Green it didn’t matter the Yankees were a Lost hope. This is an honorable mention as Boone is back for atleast the next 3 years.

    5. Extend Aaron Judge

Head of your team should go without saying we MUST bring back the new caption. He has been a vocal leader in the locker room and on the field. He was electric this season and manage to stay healthy. Having himself a great season with 39 HRs and an OPS of .916 not to mention his fielding with no errors and having a 1.000% fielding rating, Aaron Judge the new generation caption should be extended to a big contract with a lot of years. I don’t know what he is going to ask for but i think in the ball park of 27M a year over 10 seems logical and fair for the leader and the face of your franchise and maybe all of baseball. This places as 5th for the fact that his contract ends in ‘23 and we have a season left till then but we should start talks immediately.

    4. 1st Base

Voit is in a lot of Trade rumors and Rizzo is a FA. LeMehieu has been in and out when needed he has filled in. Thinking of the rest of the position like Gleyber at 2nd he might have to play 3rd or 1st full time. He Rizzo is a player i want back he had a spark to the offense when he came to his last swing of the season. Voit has a huge bat and can put any ball over the fence. Him and Rizzo whoever starts between the 2 is defiantly going to be the locker room leader and a clutch hitter. DJ should be at 3rd and Urshela at SS or the bench

    3.  Shortstop help

The Shortstop is suppose to be the best out of the infield for the yankees it’s opposite. It’s been like this since we lost Didi to Philly. Ever since we have flipped between Torres or Urshela. We are in luck because even with Lindor signing long term with the Mets we can go after guys like Story, Seager, Correa, maybe even Baez. Thats to name some that’s a stacked class and next year might aswell be over because without one of them we are stranded with no help at the 5 and not much help coming soon. Gleyber is better at 2nd base Urshela at 3rd. Move DJ to 1st and sign one of them. In my opinion we go for Seager. He had the most pop in his bat, he is a reliable in the post season, Lefty, and a good fielder. That checks all the boxes that the Yankees need/want in a shortstop. He will be the best SS on the NYY since Jeter. Carlos Correa is a wild dream as the fanbase would shred him and the locker room might be divided. Baez probably goes back to the Mets and Story to the Brewers or another team borderline playoffs. Maybe the cards could be fun.

    2. Bullpen improvement

It’s no secret that the Yankees had an elite bullpen 3/4 years ago but since we have lost names such as Ottavino, Betances, Kahnle, Warren, etc. Some players have had rough patches like Green and more noticable Chapman. He had started red hit til about 13 games in when he started a decline. He blew a lot of games and had yankees fans dreading his arrival in the 9th. The bullpen had a lot of innings to cover for sometimes happening 2-3 games in a row. The depth is just not their anymore like it was in ‘17 but we have some names like Loaisiga, Luetge, and Peralta. Green had some promising moments but he was below average with his HR problems. He was likely to give a HR almost every inning he pitched. That isn’t good enough to win a WS and not the greatest FA class but a guy like Raisel Iglesias who can close games and has a much better ERA than Chapman (Chapman has a 3.36 and Iglesias has a 2.57). Iglesias who is making 4 million on his last contract. He can be a cheaper option than champman.

  1. Starting pitching help

This is no secret that the Rotation needs help and needs it right now. Cole is the most reliable starter and the best but he got bombed by the Sox. Now he probably still was feeling a Hamstring injury and hadn’t been too good since he had it. Now after him Kluber is a FA this off season, Montgomery was pretty consistent til the end. Taillon was all over the place he was not too consistent he started horrible but picked it up later on. The last guy is Cortez he started red hot but slowed down. There are pitchers like Germon, Gil, King, and others who filled in but not like long term fits.