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55 Years Of Hurt, Never Stopped Me Dreaming

Well it didn’t go the way I wished today and England lost.

But this is just a minor set back for a very good England team, after going up 1-0, Three Lions stopped playing to win and tried not to lose and it ended up costing us the game in Pens but they have built a very deep roster. This team is led by Harry Kane and Jordan Pickford on opposite ends of the pitch both in the primes of their careers, Pickford played amazing this entire tournament and got let down by the attack today. He has shown that he can compete at an Elite level, whilst some doubted him, Pick stepped up and showed why he was the started for England. If England qualifies for Tokyo don’t be surprised if you see them make a deep run. Keep your heads up boys and Saka, keep your head up you are a star in the making.