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Vols vs The World

Vols vs The World

7 Things I Want to See in F1 This Year

F1 is nearing the end of an era.  The turbo-hybrid era that Mercedes has dominated is about to come to an end next year. F1 superstars Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Kimi Raikkonen are all nearing the end of their careers, with 14 world championships in between those four. Young stars such as Max Verstappen, George Russell, Lando Norris, and Charles Leclerc look like they are ready to take over the sport of Formula 1. With eras ending, this is the perfect time to sit and write down seven things I would love to see in F1, before an era ends.

Kimi Podium

Kimi, being F1’s oldest driver, seems like he is set to retire in 2021 due to many reasons, such as being regularly outperformed by his teammate, the young talent Sauber and Ferrari have in their junior academies, and the new regulations in 2022. Kimi’s last podium was at the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix. His last win was at the 2018 United States Grand Prix. Kimi is F1’s all time leader in most races entered, and it would only be fitting if the Iceman got a podium to cap off a legendary F1 career.

Championship Battle

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton look to be locked in a season-long battle for the championship this year, and with the last actual championship fight where it was back and forth between two drivers being back in 2016, it would be awesome to see this era in F1 end in a championship battle. Imagine Hamilton vs Verstappen, last lap, under the lights in Abu Dhabi just like when Rosberg beat Hamilton back in 2016? I’d pay a fortune to see that.

Lando Hits Puberty

Yeah……pretty much self explanatory. See clip linked here if unclear.

Ferrari Wins a Race

Ferrari has been Mercedes’ main competitor for most of this era, but never came close to beating them. Ferrari’s last world champion would be the Iceman Kimi himself back in 2007, but their last Grand Prix victory was at the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix. Just to see the iconic red car cross the line in first place would just be a million wishes coming true for F1 fans.

Williams Scores a Point

There are many iconic names in F1, but none may be more iconic than Williams. Started way back in the day by Sir Frank Williams, the team has had enormous success, but has been hot garbage recently. They haven’t scored a point in nearly two years, and they have scored 1 point in the last three seasons. Yikes. With Sir Frank and Claire Williams no longer with the team after selling it, it would be wonderful if Williams could end this era with a point. Just one point. Please.

Prayers For Toto Wolff’s Table

Toto Wolff has an iconic move for whenever his drivers or team mess up. A simple fist bang on the table. In fact, he slams the table so much Mercedes claim that he has broken a table before. See this clip if you want to see this. 1 Like = 1 Prayer for Toto’s table.

Vettel vs Schumacher

Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher are known to be very good friends, and Seb often mentors Mick. Seb has said that he tries to treat Mick the way Mick’s dad, Michael, treated him. Michael Schumacher, an F1 legend, suffered a major head injury after a skiing accident in 2013. His condition is mostly unknown, with Schumacher’s wife keeping Michael’s condition very private. Back to Seb and Mick, these two are very close friends, and we have seen everything from giving each other advice to checking each others cars. The one thing the F1 community needs is a on-track battle between these two. Vettel vs Schumacher could be a classic battle if Haas could just give Mick a Formula One car to drive instead of a Russian tractor (jk).

There you have it, 7 things I want to see in F1 this year. What things would you like to see?