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Alvin Kamara Exposes High Schooler Using Racial Surs

Check out the DM’s here


This kid fucked around and found out

Alvin Kamara is not going to let anyone give him shit for anything and I am here for it, I don’t care what you say, I could call Tom Brady a “poopy headed loser” and he should respond and dox me for that, athletes should fight back more, some people just say things on the internet without thinking there are consequences, this should be an example to everyone on the internet, this stuff is permanent and available to almost everyone. Lets get to the real reason it makes me laugh, the kid completely backs down without a doubt, like a scared little puppy when momma barks back. “My bad I didn’t think you actually received these I am a huge fan I have had you in fantasy every year” BRUH, cmon kid you knew you were saying the wrong thing, he didn’t even try to deny it. The part that really gets me is “after careful consideration you have earned a roster spot on my team”, I am sure Alvin was so relieved that he earned that spot, after years of hard work, he finally has reached the pinnacle, a roster spot on dhawkins.70’s fantasy football roster, well, not anymore, the kid announced he dropped Kamara for Taysom Hill on his Instagram bio, no matter what all time bad move from this kid, where in the projected standings does he sit now? Having Kamara should bring you up to at least 5th but now, he drops at least 3 spots. I mean Taysom Hill? He’s good but the Saints haven’t really used him the way he should be used and he has no value compared to Alvin but can you blame the kid? Do you want to have to root for the same guy who doxxed you to everyone for using a racial slur? Probably not, overall top internet moment of the year so far.