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Atlanta Hawks: A Cinderella Story?

The fifth seed Atlanta Hawks just defeated the first seed Philadelphia 76ers in 7 games. Now, did the Hawks really expect all of this coming? Did anyone expect this coming? Well this one guy had so much faith in the Hawks, he bet $20k on them to win the Eastern Conference Finals, and $20k on them to win the Finals. If both of these happen, he will net $2.8 million. He also put in these bets when they were 35-30, craz, right? But let’s be honest, he was definitely out of his mind. Are these Hawks a true Cinderella story?


Let’s backup a little bit and start from the end of the 2019-2020 season. The Hawks just finished with a record of 20-47. This put them at 14th in the Eastern Conference. The NBA did get shut down because of COVID-19 though. But they still didn’t have a chance for the playoffs. Fast forward to this season and the Hawks are looking better. 


The Atlanta Hawks finished this regular season with a record of 41-31. This placed them a spot in the NBA Playoffs as the fifth seed. Trae Young averaged 25.3 points a game with 44% field goal percentage. They would have to play the 4th seed Knicks. The last time the Knicks made it, it was the 2012-2013 season. This is when they lost to the Indiana Pacers in the second round. To be honest, a lot of people didn’t expect the Knicks to win this series. The Hawks ran away with the series 4-1. They now had to face the number one seed 76ers. 


Now, I am sure some people predicted the Hawks to win, but most of everyone picked the Sixers. In game 1, Trae Young was having a monster game and led the Hawks up by 20 at halftime. The Sixers made a hard comeback in the 4th quarter but still fell short by 4. This series had only just begun. The Sixers won the next 2 games, each of them by 16. Now, it looked like the Sixers would run away with the rest of the series. But the Hawks had different plans. The Hawks followed and took the next 2 games, both by 3. The Hawks were now up 3-2. They could end it all in game 6. But they lost by 5 and had to bounce back and play a really good game 7. This series was already a hard-fought battle. But it all mattered here. Trae Young could not shoot well at all. So did Tobias Harris though. And Ben Simmons played horrible, missing tons of free throws, and passing wide open dunks and passes. Joel Embiid did good scoring-wise but was turning the ball over like crazy. So if all the big stars are doing bad, who’s going to step up? Well, Kevin Huerter took that job and had a Playoff career high. The Hawks sent the Sixers home. The Hawks will now face Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals. 


Who has the Hawks beating the Bucks in a seven game series. Well, to be fair, Trae Young and the Hawks have been doubted quite a bit in the Playoffs. Giannis is destroying though. The Bucks swept the Miami Heat 4-0 and then took the Nets series 4-3. The Hawks will shoot from far better but Giannis will easily get in the paint for two and a possible and-1. We will just have to wait and see!


Thanks for reading this article. What do you guys think?


  1. I guess true Hawks fans saw it coming, but wow, I didn’t think they’d get by Phila. One game at a time. They keep thinking that way and I think they could push past the Bucks.

  2. That guy was not entirely crazy. The Finals bet is pushy, however, it isn’t even close to impossible. The Eastern Finals bet was very smart. I wrote an article a while back titled “Emphasizing the Atlanta Hawks’ Playoff Push” and now am very happy to see that they have tapped into their full potential.