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Bears Vs Rams prediction

Football is back! I am so exited for football coming back it is my favorite sport and I truly think it is the best sport. Opening day is on sunday well I guess you can say opening day was on Thursday but I don’t really count that because it was only one game but this sunday everyone is playing and it’s going to be great to lay around and watch games all day. But there is one game I am most exited for and that game is Bears Vs Rams my favorite team the Chicago Bears are having there opening game on national tv where most of America will be watching. It’s a tough opening game for Chicago playing the Rams in my opinion the best defense in the NFL and them adding QB Matthew Stafford to there team to make there offense even more scary too. But I’ll get more into that later in the article In this article I will be talking about what the Bears need to do in order to win and at the end get to my score predictions. 

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Keep the game low scoring:

If you want to beat the Rams the game has to be close and low scoring because not just do the Rams have a lockdown defense they also have a decent offense with adding QB Matthew Stafford and receiver duo of Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods. I say it should be low scoring because if they start running up the scoreboard on us there will be know way we will comeback because our offense is to trash in order to comeback from a large score. And the Rams lockdown defense would never allow like a 20 point comeback because they have way to many good players. So we have to keep our defense on clamps which I think they can do because I do actually have trust in our defense. So if we keep it low scoring and keep it close at the end of the game maybe we can pull something off.

Bears' offense eager to get band back together - Chicago Sun-Times

Have Andy Dalton make quick passes:

Dalton needs to be throwing the ball fast in this game. First off our offensive is trash and the Rams defensive Line is totally stacked so us having the worst offensive line and them having the best defensive line I don’t think it will go to well. So because of that I know in this game Andy Dalton will have a lot of pressure in his face so he can’t just stand in the pocket for like 5 seconds he has got to hit Robinson or Mooney on slants and outes pretty fast. And I was also thinking if it is going to be quick passes the tight ends would be perfect because there all about short routes and the man to hit for tight end would be Cole Kmet 2nd year stud who needs to get more touches this year than he did last year. But I am pretty sure Matt Nagy will be our play caller Tomorrow and I highly doubt he will use this tactic because he has know idea what he is doing so he will probably do the complete opposite of what I’m saying and Dalton will most likely be sitting in the pocket all day taking sack after sack and throwing a couple of picks.

Bears QB Andy Dalton declares it's his time, and fans had some fun

Take some chances:

We got to take some chances in this game we our heavy underdogs and know one is saying were going to win I don’t think we will and most Bears fans are saying we won’t. Everybody in America is doubting us in this game so what do we have to lose? If it’s 4th and 1 go for it if were in the red zone and it’s 4th down and were close to the marker cut out the field goal and try to go for the touchdown. Were going to need the points in this game badly because if we get the chance to go in the in zone we got to do it while we can because we don’t know how many times we will get for touchdowns in this game going up Vs the best defense and having washed Andy Dalton as our QB. So don’t play it conservitive play to win and I hope Matt Nagy does that. Last year we did this by doing 4th down pitch play to Cordell Patterson It didn’t work but I want to see some 4th down tries. 

Brad Biggs' 10 thoughts on Chicago Bears' Week 7 loss - Chicago Tribune

Anthony Miller one handed grab:

Before I get into my score prediction I want to shout out a honorable mention to last year when we played the Rams to a play that I still love to this day. Anthony Miller’s one handed grab I know last year when we played the Rams it was pretty ugly but this play is sick. It’s third down and Nick Foles throws about a five yard out route to Anthony Miller who snags a one handed grab with a guy covering him and while having know balance he still holds on to the ball long enough to have possession to make it a catch.

              Anthony Miller one handed grab:

Anthony Miller #11 one handed catch incomplete challenge Bears/Rams -  YouTube

Score prediction:

My score prediction for this game is the Rams to win at a score of 21-13. Yes I am not going to be biased towards my team I really don’t think we have a chance at all in this game I actually think there is a very good chance we will get blown out we are playing with a washed QB as in Andy Dalton and Rams are super bowl contenders but it’s one game anything can happen it’s the NFL any time can beat another team on any night I just hope for the best on my team. Let me know your thoughts on this game and if you agree with me or not and what is your prediction as well. Thanks for reading my article and like always bear down!!!

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