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Bears Vs Vikings Week 5 Preview

This week our Chicago Bears take on the Minnesota Vikings. After a tough loss for the Bears and a horrendous performance by our rushing defense, the Bears look to bounce back this week. The Vikings nearly lost last week on a long field goal but the Saints kicker missed the field goal. 

     I’m very excited for this game as these teams are division rivals and have exciting games all the time. The Bears are at a 2-2 division and are in third place in the division. The Vikings are 3-1 and are tied for first in the division. Today the Bears announced that David Montgomery and Jaylon Johnson didn’t practice today. 


    My prediction for this week has the Vikings winning 24-14. I think Justin Fields plays an above average game and we see a whole lot of sacks. The Bears will move to 2-3 and will probably be tied

For last in the division. NOW, here’s my prediction if Jaylon Johnson and David Montgomery play.  I have the Bears winning 21-17 as Jaylon locks Justin Jefferson down and the pass blocking from Nkeal Harry and David Montgomery give Fields some more time to deliver. 


Thank you for reading and expect some more content coming out soon.