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Bears week 6 recap

The Bears had a tough loss to their rivals the Green Bay Packers. Losing at a score of 24-14 I was expecting the score to be around that area if you read the previous article I made a Bears vs Packers score prediction and had us losing at a score of 27-17 and the actual score was 24-14 so my point loss was right losing by 10 and got each teams points off by 3 I have seen so many Bears vs Packers games I know what the game is going to be like before it even starts I have watched every highlight from all their rivalry games from like 2010 to now. But this was a bad and good game we were in this game for most of it we controlled the 1st quarter we even scored the first touchdown and I think had a 7-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter. But the part I am a little upset about is how we ended the game it seems like we were in it the whole game then at the end of the 3rd and the 4th we slowed down. They were burning the clock with Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers wasn’t making totally crazy throws but he was making throws he needed to make in order to keep the ball away from us. It’s good that Rodgers didn’t have any big throws on us because we contained him well he didn’t drop 40 on us like he always does he did enough to beat us but didn’t do the stuff to us as he has in the past. But one play that really pissed me off was when it was 3rd and 15 and were down by 10 at mid-field. There is like 5 minutes left and were not in field goal range what I wanted us to do was throw the ball like 8 yards and secure field goal range and not worry about the 15 yard first down because making that long of a throw is a risk because if it’s incomplete your stuck at 4th and 15 and no field goal range so you have to go for it. But what ended up happening is our play-caller sends all four of our offensive targets plus 15 yards and Fields roles out and no one is open and just takes a sack. What they should have done is send a couple of guys past the 1st down and if they’re open enough take the shot then have a couple of guys for the check down for field goal range so he doesn’t take a sack and he did. So that play got to me but for the rest of this article I’m just going to be recapping the stuff that happened in the game, what the players did, and the stuff I liked and didn’t like let’s start it.

Bears vs. Packers recap: Everything we know with Chicago's Week 6 loss

We contained Adams very well:

Adams right now is the best receiver in the game and in the game, I only saw him make like 3 receptions. They weren’t like big play receptions to he did have one play where he burst on the right side of the sideline and burned everyone and was wide open I don’t know how he was that wide open too. He caught it and lost balance and accidentally stepped out of bounce if it wasn’t for his balance he might have gone all the way it sucks that he made that catch because that catch happened in a crucial part of the game late in the 4th quarter when we were trying to get the ball back. But other than that play we kept Adams in pretty good check I wouldn’t necessarily say Rodgers had that much time to throw so that helped prevent Adams from getting the ball both Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack had sacks on Rodgers today. A big reason why we didn’t get the ball was because they were none stop feeding Aaron Jones the ball on the run game he was unstoppable in the red zone. The Bears did a good job at maintaining the clock to so the Packers didn’t have all this time to give it to Adams. It is clutch they stopped Adams too because in a lot of Bears fans’ talks about gameplan were to stop Adams they weren’t saying fully shut him down they were just saying slow him down keeping him at like 50 or 60 yards. I am not sure how many yards Adams had in this game but it was probably around that area of yards probably even less which is good most teams can’t stop him even him being the main gameplan he was the main gameplan for us and we shut him down we were the first team to do it that’s a positive to take away we shut down the NFL’s best receiver the flashiest position in football. 

Bears vs. Packers: Takeaways from Chicago's Week 6 loss

Khalil Herbert has a future:

Khalil Herbert is the only real positive thing out of the game I know I liked some parts of the game and we did little things in the game that were good but Herbert’s play stuck out the most out of our positives. Herbert’s stats in the game were 97 yards and 19 attempts and one rushing TD. That TD he had was the first score of the game and made us be up 7-0 in the 1st quarter. I think I saw that Herbert’s average yards per run vs the Packers was 5.1 per carry. That is solid and I believe it too it seems like he was getting like 3 or 4 yards every time he didn’t really have any breakout runs for like 40 yards but he was getting consistent yards each carry and that’s what you need. He didn’t have any mistakes either he didn’t cough up the ball and back to his yards stats is he didn’t get tackled for a loss once. So that means every run he was also gaining yards and moving forward I don’t ever recall seeing him get stuffed I saw some parts where it looked like he was about to get taken down and he would run for like 5 yards. That stat with him not losing any yardage on runs is my favorite of all the things he did that’s a consistent runner we got I got to say he proved me wrong I thought he would play a good game but I didn’t think he would do what he did with the number of reps he got I thought the run game might be slow and we would have to pass the whole game but it was the opposite the run was the best and Herbert balled out Packers players were missing tackles on him all day. He is only a rookie and when Montgomery comes back they can be a deadly duo they are both the same type of running back except Herbert is a bit smaller and Montgomery is obviously better. Usually, when you have an elite running back duo usually there are two different skill setbacks one is a smash-mouth runner and the other is a fast catch and run guy. But with us, we have two guys who are the same type of runners so if one of them is hurt or one of them is tired and needs to go on the sideline our style of running won’t stop and to add to our smash mouth runners Damien Willaims will be coming back from Covid and he is a great fast catch and run back so we have everything for the run game no matter how bad our team is it always seems like our running backs are always set that’s what the Bears are known for Herbert in the Packers game even got his first NFL touchdown good for him and there will be many more of those touchdowns to come this man has a future.

                    Khalil Herbert first NFL TD:

Week 6: Green Bay Packers 24, Chicago Bears 14 - Chicago Tribune

Our tackling on Aaron Jones was terrible:

Aaron Jones just wiped us yesterday especially in the red zone I said in my previous article they hand it off to him in the red zone every time so be expecting it and set a certain formation. Then what happens in the game? They give it to him in there like 80% of the red zone offensive plays and we couldn’t tackle this guy to save our lives he made our players tackling look like a bunch of little kids he broke off so many of them he was using his run outside the line play and was getting pitched to the outside to get himself into open space and we were missing tackles so even if we read the play when he was getting the ball pitched to the left or right it wouldn’t have mattered because it seems like he would juke someone at the last second every time. He does this against all teams he knows the outside is where he feels comfortable and he looked good out there yesterday this guy is for sure one of the best backs in the game after what I saw. It just sucks that I knew and the Bears most likely knew that in the red zone he is getting the ball and we still couldn’t get him when we knew all along Jones is just like Adams they know he is the best pass target they know he is being thrown to every pass play and still can’t stop it just like Jones they know he is going outside the line and going into space and everyone is there in time to make the tackle they just don’t make the tackle because Jones is so elite when he is in that open space.

Packers extend lead over Bears on Aaron Jones' impressive TD catch

All of the calls went to the Packers:

I’m not the guy to blame refs in a game and use that as an excuse because I know my team lost and I won’t admit we lost so I’ll just blame the refs. But no it’s not like that at all this time all of the calls went to the Packers and were pretty crucial parts of the game I’m not saying if the calls that were bad went our way we would have won but I think it would have been closer. It’s not like some of these bad calls are debatable or not if the refs did the right call but the ones the refs got wrong are just obviously wrong annoying Packer fans on social media say oh they were the right calls but not a chance. There was one call in particular that really made me mad I explained a bit of it in the opener of this article but I’ll explain the whole thing now. The ball was about to be snapped and a Packer defensive linemen on the right side of the line jumped about a full second early and the play continued so Fields had the ball and had a receiver running a route deep downfield and Fields thought this was a free play which it should have been but the refs didn’t make it like that. But with Fields thinking it was a free play he thinks he has nothing to lose because if it’s picked off it’s coming back because of the offsides so he just throws the ball way over a receiver who was in double coverage and lands right into the hands of safety and made a real nice grab to catching it towards the very end of the in-zone right next to the out of bounce and kept his feet in and kept possession of the ball. I didn’t really care that Fields made the throw to the safety and the nice catch the guy made because I thought it was a free play so who cares. So then I see the Ref come up and say there is no offsides call on the play or whatever and said Packers ball I was livid I knew that the Packers always have the refs on their sides but I didn’t know it would be that bad. When the ball was snapped I wasn’t worried because I even saw the guy live when he went offside that’s how obvious it was I didn’t see it on the replay zoomed in on slow motion I saw it when it was just on regular. But when they showed the replay of it that’s what really got me even madder it showed him go offsides like a full second before and it’s proof he went before the ball was snapped because when it showed the replay of him going offsides you an also see the ball in the centers’ hands when he went offside and you see the ball still in his hands when the Packers guy is moving and the ball being snapped.

Officials miss Packers offside, leading to Justin Fields interception

I’m pretty sure there was another play where we called timeout before the play call clock ran out it was a close call if we got the timeout in time I think it came down to the last second but it was obvious Fields called timeout before it said the number 0 on the play clock. But they called delay of game just terrible if that was Rodgers who was in that position they would have given him the call I’ll admit even if these calls went to the Bears I don’t think we would have won but it would make the game way more interesting than it already was it is just terrible Packers always get the calls it’s not just Bears fans who say it because we hate them everybody says it and knows it they get the calls against all teams one of the reasons why I hate them.

Justin Fields: Chicago Bears QB says 'I need to be better' - Chicago Tribune

Fields deep ball overthrows were really hard to watch:

Fields only had 1 interception yesterday it could easily been 2 interceptions. The interceptions he had were really weird because one wasn’t that bad of an interception because I don’t think that one really counts because he thought it was a free play so he just threw it up there without caring but that throw was so bad even for a free play throw. He was going for Robinson who was doubled deep down Field and behind Robinson was Darnell Savage and he just sails the ball over Robinson’s head and lands in Savage’s hands. Like, come on I know it’s a free play I mean it wasn’t but he thought it was. A free play is a special gift for a passing play so with Fields thinking it was a free play you take the risk because what do you have to lose? Robinson is in double coverage throw to him on that it doesn’t matter maybe the ball gets deflected like a hail mary and he comes down with it. Robinson is also one of the best jump-ball catchers so I don’t know why he didn’t take the risk and to make it worse if he meant to throw to Robinson and just overthrew him on accident off of bad ball placement that is embarrassing. The play was called an interception because they said the Packer guy didn’t go offsides so even if you think the guy went offsides you always have to be careful on a free play because you don’t know if it’s going to get called back so make the throw to a receiver not 10 yards over the head of the receiver to the safety. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best free play quarterbacks ever maybe even the best if he was in the situation Fields was in he wouldn’t have overthrown it he would have at least gotten it to the receiver but if it was Rodgers in the situation Fields was and he threw the pick the refs would probably say he was offsides just because they wouldn’t want to call something on Rodgers.

Fields' inconsistency hurts Bears in 24-14 loss to Packers | Buffalo Sports  |

This other one was even worse than the other first off this interception wasn’t counted as an interception but it should have been called one because as a Bears fan I’ll admit safety Adrain Amos picked it off they called it back because he didn’t have possession of the ball going out of bounce but he totally did. In my book that is interception on Fields it was terrible he threw that because he made Adrain Amos make the play former Bears safety complete trader. Every time I mention the Amos grab out of bounce I’m going to say interception because I truly think it was. Both the interceptions were bad because they were to both of the Packers safety’s Darnell Savage and Adrain Amos and were both picked off in the in-zone both on different sides of the Field. They were both overthrows they were the same exact throws Fields moved around a bit in the pocket then threw it like 10 yards over a receiver’s head and picked off by safety’s next to the out of bounce. I think what he is trying to do is just throw it away and he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw it out of bounce over the in zone if he is trying to do that just throw it out of bounce on the sideline. If Fields is actually trying to make a play for a touchdown that is just full inexperience because both plays the receivers were covered well by corners then safety is also right there so that’s pretty dumb. But it’s okay people Fields is still a rookie he will make mistakes people need to realize this rookie season might not all just be sunshine and rainbows for him he will make dumb overthrows like that and it’s okay. I just didn’t like the look of those throws I just don’t want to see a lot of those but at the end of the day, he is a rookie.

Darnell Savage and Adrian Amos: [ Both picked off Fields ]

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Rodgers screamed at the Soldier Field fans saying, I still own you:

This play really pissed me off. Around the end of the 4th quarter, we needed a stop big-time the Packers were in the red zone and we needed to hold them to a field goal to keep it a one-possession game. But then the Packers get to the 8-yard line with them being on the 8-yard line the ball is snapped and they have Aaron Rodgers role out and he has a wide-open lane to make it for a touchdown and when he reaches past the goal line while running Eddie Jackson runs over and gives him a late shove and falls over. But as soon as Rodgers gets up he is standing right in front of the Bears crowd behind the touchdown and gets up and screams at them I still own you and also said something like I own you forever or something. All I know is he said I still own you to the crowd while all his teammates are gathered around him screaming in his face and shoving him out of joy. It is heartbreaking he is a couple of steps away from our fans screaming at them and all their offensive players are all in a circle around Rodgers in front of the fans rubbing it in.

Aaron Rodgers throws 2 touchdowns, runs for 1: Packers 24, Bears 14

I hated Rodgers even before this game but after he did that made me hate him even more and he wasn’t just saying stuff while standing with the players while he was running away he continued to say I still own you. Man, that pisses me off me and all of my friends who are Bears fans hated that sequence. When he was saying stuff to our fans I wanted to jump through the TV screen and become a Bears player and rock him. Rodgers is my most hated player I will admit he will go down as one of the most legendary quarterbacks ever but I hate the guy him saying I still own you to the Chicago fans will go down as one of the most legendary trash-talking moments in the Bears-Packers rivalry I think for years that will be talked about because Rodgers is the Packers best franchise quarterback and played so many games against the Bears and that was most likely his last game at Soldier Field a place he does well at so with all of those things him scoring a game-winning touchdown at his rival team’s stadium for his last game that will go down as a legendary trash-talking moment and I got to say the moment will be remembered.

Aaron Rodgers to Bears fans following touchdown run: 'I still own you!'

That is my Bears week 6 recap! It sucks to make this recap after a loss I really hoped I could type this all up if it were a win because it sucks to lose to this Packers team year after year. But even with the loss it’s always fun to recap the Bears I really enjoyed making this article and I hoped you enjoyed reading let me know your thoughts on this and like always bear down!!