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Noah Weitzel

Noah Weitzel

BREAKING: LaMarcus Aldridge will retire from the NBA

NBA Veteran LaMarcus Aldridge will retire from the NBA because of an irregular heartbeat that transpired during his last appearance with the Brooklyn Nets, he announced Thursday.

Aldridge stated he experienced an irregular heartbeat vs. the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday. His condition later worsened, he wrote. Aldridge, 35, missed the past two games for Brooklyn, listed with a “Non COVID-19 related Illness.” 

“The next morning, I told the team what was going on and they were great getting me to the hospital,” Aldridge noted. “Though I’m better now, what I felt with my heart that night was still one of the scariest things I’ve experienced.” Aldridge is staying cautious with his experience, writing, “For 15 years I’ve put basketball first, and now, it is time to put my health and family first.”

Aldridge’s former Trailblazers teammate Damian Lillard appeared on ESPN’s Jalen and Jacoby — sharing his thoughts on Aldridge’s decision. “Health is always first. In a situation like this, basketball is the least concern,” Lillard advised.

LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Brooklyn Nets on March 28th post buyout by the Spurs. During his time with Brooklyn, he was a key contributor and assisted the team’s spacing, averaging 12.8 points per game, 2.6 assists, and 4.8 rebounds on an efficient 52.1% from the field.

Aldridge, drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the second round then traded to the Trailblazers for Tyrus Thomas and Viktor Khryapa. Aldridge went on to play for the Blazers for 9 seasons and the Spurs for 5 and a half. In LaMarcus Aldridge’s fifteen total seasons, he accumulated 7 All-Star appearances and 5 All-NBA appearances.