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Oh my god, oh my god, it’s happening, it’s actually happening, finally Jimothy Irsay has done the thing, he fired the bad man. Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch, the wicked witch, ding dong the witch is dead! Lets wrap up Frank Reich’s career as the head man for the Indianapolis Colts:

5 Seasons


10-14 in Coaches Challenges

0 AFC South Championships

2 Wild Card Apperances

1-2 Playoff Record

5 Starting Quarterbacks

1 Generational talent would rather sit at home rather than play for Frank

I have asked for this since 2020, after the 2019 season, i didn’t see much I liked, Reich took too many risks, he leaned too much on “The quarterback doesn’t matter, we can build a good team around a quarterback” and he was wrong, they lost out on the Brady sweepstakes for Philip Rivers (not a bad option, but only saw a year of him and he was too old), they lost out on the Matt Stafford sweepstakes who won them a Super Bowl as well in his first year, they then lost out on the Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers sweepstakes this past offseason, all because they didn’t want to pay, this is partially on Chris Ballard and also on Frank Reich, I think they are equally guilty in ruining this team. 

Now I don’t know what Jim Irsay has been drinking this morning because please give me some, but Jeff Saturday? I do understand how he can hold the locker room together and maybe that’s all you need from your head coach and the Indianapolis Colts have a good history with interim head coaches (Bruce Arians in 2012) but Jeff Saturday has not had any history of actual play calling, he has coached some high school football but that’s it, i’m sure being Peyton Manning’s center helps you learn a thing of two and maybe he can fix the offensive line but why not hire Peyton as the OC. Now I have a really sickening idea, it’s gross and not going to happen but a man can dream.

Special Assistant to the Offensive Coordinator (Peyton Manning): 






















All we can do is dream now.


Colts loss against the Patriots review will be up tomorrow