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Minnesota Sports Universe

Minnesota Sports Universe

Brian O’Neill Extended: Good Deal or Not?

On Wednesday, the Vikings and RT Brian O’Neill agrees to a massive 5-year $92.5 Million dollar deal locking him in purple until 2026. The 25 year old tackle will be 30 years old at that point. Here is my analysis on the deal and money breakdown.

Is he overpaid?

This contract make O’Neill the 2nd highest paid RT behind Saints Ryan Ramczyk. The deal is $18.5 Million per year on estimate. O’Neill is the anchor on the young Vikings o-line, so re signing him this year was a absolute MUST. He may be slightly overpaid for next years cap hit, but on the final 3-5 years on his deal is a great deal for the cap hit. 

Will he prove to be worth it?

Brian O’Neill is not a household name. Yet. O’Neill is one of the most underrated Right Tackles in the NFL in terms of recognition, allowing only 3 sacks last year. He is very good, but with this deal the Vikings are hoping he becomes one of the elite tackles in the game.


    1. 18.5 m is his average, to be real this year he will make his rookie 6 mil deal ishm next year will be 18.5 mil, 2022 will be anywhere from 22-26 mil, 2023 will be 14-16 mil, 2024 2025 and 2026 5-10 mil for base salarys but he has to play to earn it so his gauranteed money is probably around 15-33 mil