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Cade Cunningham and why he’s Houston’s Next big Star – And a Josh Giddey Draft analysis!

Houston is primed for a lottery pick this year. With an extremely disappointing season, their painful season is hoping to be “rewarded” with one of the NBA’s next stars.

Cade Cunningham

From day one, Cunningham’s name has been linked to Houston, and fans are hoping and praying that the Rockets get a chance to select this one-of-a-kind star. The star guard out of Oklahoma is believed to the best player in the upcoming 2021 draft, averaging 20 ppg, 3.5 asts, 6.2 rebs, and 1.6 stls a game. The 6’8, 220+ lb guard has been linked frequently to Houston due to what he brings to the table, and how perfect he would fit with the ever-growing dynamic in Houston. Cunningham can easily go and get his own shots if need be but is also more than comfortable working off the ball for an open look. Cunningham obviously is a great distributor of the ball and can create for other players too, which perfectly places him to work well with KPJ and CWood. His offensive game has more or less overshadowed what he can do defensively. As I mentioned earlier, Cade’s averaging 1.6 steals a game and with his size and strength is no stranger to guarding bigger players on the switch. His ability to have the potential to guard almost all positions on the floor combined with his obviously outstanding offensive abilities is why Cunningham is one to watch

Josh Giddey

One of my personal favourite players to watch this season, Josh Giddey, another 6’8 guard, has been tearing up the NBL. Giddey mainly relies on his ability to hit tough runners and floaters and, his streaky shooting touch from deep is something he can lean towards however it’s exciting to see his potential as a floor general. He is a maestro of the pick and roll and can throw some perfectly timed passes to rolling big men or sneak one over the top of smaller defenders to open shooters only he can see. Combined with his love of flashy passing and overall excellent basketball IQ, Giddey has easily established himself as a one-of-a-kind playmaker that can set the tempo for any given offense.


  1. I like the analysis on Josh Giddey. I enjoy being made aware of someone I’m not aware of. Streaky shooting is something the Rockets could certainly utilize. They currently shoot the 3rd most threes in the league yet they are last in 3P%.

  2. If you guys win the lottery. To be honest I don’t really like the lottery because the worst team in the league could get like the 10th pick, but a team that almost made the playoffs could get the 1st pick. But I feel like the Rockets could win the lottery

    1. That is only partially true. The worst a team can do that has the best odds is 5th. But if you are the worst team in the league there is like over an 80 percent chance you end up with a top 3 pick or something.