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RAT Rundown

RAT Rundown

Clemson Has Played a “Weak” Schedule

Where has all this Clemson hate come from? They struggle against a top 25 Syracuse and all of a sudden they are overrated and have a weak schedule. You cannot use a weak schedule argument against Clemson. They have one of the best resumes and the most amount of wins over currently ranked teams. Even LSU fans have gone crazy saying they would kill Clemson. LSU couldn’t even come out with a win over Florida State. Good teams even have bad games as we saw with Georgia Missouri and Alabama Texas A&M. Those teams are even unranked but they don’t want to talk about that. They would rather criticize Clemson’s “weak” schedule after struggling in a win over a top 25 team. I would even argue for Clemson to be ranked ahead of Ohio State because Ohio State has yet to play anyone good. Let’s look at the teams and their 3 most quality wins.


  • #10 Wake Forest in OT
  • #16 Syracuse in close game
  • #24 NC State by 10 with Devin Leary


  • #8 Oregon in blowout
  • #25 South Carolina in blowout
  • Auburn in blowout

Ohio State

  • Blowout over 3-4 Michigan State
  • 11 point win over a bad Notre Dame
  • Blowout over 4-4 Wisconsin


  • #6 Alabama in shootout
  • #18 LSU in blowout
  • Pitt in OT without their starting QB


  • #13 Penn State in a blowout
  • 6-2 Maryland by one score
  • 13 point win over Iowa


  • 1 point win over Texas without Ewers
  • Blowout over Mississippi State
  • Close game against a Bad Texas A&M


  • #9 Oklahoma State in OT comeback
  • #22 K-State in comeback without Adrian Martinez
  • 7 point win over Kansas without Daniels


  • #12 UCLA in dominant win
  • BYU in blowout
  • Wazzu by 3 points

Looking from all of this, you could argue for Tennessee, Georgia, or Clemson for having the best resumes. Those are the exact teams that are in my top 3. I’m not saying that Clemson is better or worse than anybody. All I’m saying is you can’t discredit Clemson for having 3 ranked wins and playing bad against a top 25 team. Clemson hate has gone out of control.