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Commanders Capital

Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Claims he can “Blow Up” the NFL

Dan Snyder thinks he’s Batman

          Well what do you know? Commanders Owner Dan Snyder is at the center of another Controversy. Snyder is known as one of the worse owners in the league. Not only for what he has done for the Commanders Franchise or lack there of, but he is also known as a terrible person. Some very serious allegations have came out on Dan Snyder today and it’s not looking good for him. Washington Commander Owner Dan Snyder has “Reportedly” told some of those closest to him that he has enough “Dirt”on Roger Goodell and other NFL Owners he could “Blow Up” the league if he wanted to. Another report came out that claims Snyder said The NFL can’t f-c- with me. He also again reportedly said the NFL is a Mafia and all the owners hate each other. An Owner who remains anonymous says “That’s not true, all the owners hate Dan.” Sources believe Snyder has his proclaimed “Dirt” on at least Six NFL Owners including Division Rival and Supposed Friend Jerry Jones. The Question now is what will the NFL do? Now remember these Reports have not been proven 100% truthful. If these allegations were to be proven true though the NFL would have to take action Right? Unless Dan Snyder does have something on the NFL. I’m just joking this man is delusional and is one of the worse owners in the League. What do you think about this situation?