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Current Quarterback Rankings Heading into Week 3


32. Matt Ryan

After, a very disappointing showing from Matt Ryan in his first 2 weeks as a Colts, He falls as the worst starting quarterback going into week 3. Matt had high hopes of bouncing back in week 2 of the season, but then got shutout by the Jaguars and only put up a quarterback rating of 34.0. He continued to get sacked 5 times in the game and threw 3 interceptions, sadly causing him to fall to #32 on the list.

31. Justin Fields

Although Fields has lead his team to a respectable .500 start, he had to go down as the runner up to being the worst quarterback so far this season. Although, fields has upside to potentially have a breakout season this year, we just haven’t seen anything special quite yet. He has only a quarterback rating of 69.2 on the year, and has only completed 53.6% of his passes. It will be fun to see how he can rise up and lead his team to a good season, but there hasn’t been anything special from him yet.

30. Mitchell Trubisky

Money Mitch has not looked so Money thus far into the season, he looks like he has been holding down an offense with a lot of talent. Mitch has been held to a 77.7 Rating and a 60.2% completion rate, but has thrown a bunch of check downs so far this season. The bright spot of Mitch’s game has been keeping it low on the turnovers, but he just hasn’t looked well in his first couple games as a Steelers, causing him to be #30 on this list.

29. Cooper Rush

Cooper Rush was held to a 59.1% completion rate in his first game of the season, but he caused no turnovers. Rush had a 87.2 Rating, and lead his to to a Win over the Super Contending Bengals. Cooper had a solid game last week, we will see if he can keep this Cowboys team in Contention for the NFC East title.

28. Marcus Mariota

Marcus has struggled in his first two games as a Falcon, causing him to fall at the #28 spot on this list. Mariota has a rating of 80.5, but has been able to get a bunch of free completions late in the game after his team is already down big. Don’t get me wrong, Marcus has looked better than I could’ve expected, but nonetheless has not played well through week 2.

27. Jacoby Brissett

Although, Jacoby has a 94.3 rating we just couldn’t put him any higher on this list. He is off to a great start this season as he has a 4:1 Touchdown to Interception ratio. He has also been able to get it done on his lead as he has 64 rushing yards and a bunch of sneaks for the first down in clutch situations. It will be fun to see if he can lead this sneaky good Browns team to the Playoffs.

26. Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco has had a great start so far in the 22-23 season as a Jet, but I can’t find myself putting him any higher in this list. Flacco has a 90.1 rating, but only a 61.2% completion rate so far. Not much other to say except for the fact that he has given Jets fans some hope for this season.

25. Davis Mills

Mills is off to an okay start in Houston this year, and trying to prove why he could be a franchise quarterback this season. He has been held to a 56.0% completion rate, but let’s not forget that Brandon Cooks is his only weapon on this offense, and has a bad line in front of him. He has been able to get an 80.2 rating so far and has proved to be an alright starter thus far.

24. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor has put up surprisingly good number so far into the season, and has a lot of potential to have a breakout year. He has a rating of 96.4 and a completion rate of 68.1%. He is averaging 7.1 y/a and has thrown one INT thus far. Trevor has given hope to this Jaguars team, and has an exciting future to possibly be a great QB.

23. Mac Jones

Mac Jones has not put up his greatest number so far this season, but has still looked solid on the field. After, a great year 1 for the Patriots Quarterback, he has not been able to lead his team like he was able to last year. Although, I believe he will be able to bounce back, and maybe even lead his team to a winning season.

22. Jameis Winston

Jameis is off to a solid start as he has lead his team to a .500 record. He has been held to a 64.9% completion rate, but has also been dealing with a tough injury. We will se if he can bounce back from his injury and lead his team to the playoffs this season.

21. Baker Mayfield

Baker is off to a disappointing start to his first season as a Carolina Panther. He has a rating of 79.5 but only has a 53.6% completion rate with a bunch of good talent on the offense. He is going to need to play better if he wants to lead his team to a playoff run this season.

20. Daniel Jones

The numbers don’t lie, Daniel is off to a very good start in New York this year. He is proving haters wrong, and looks like he wants to play for this Giants team. He has a phenomenal 99.4 rating and a 70.9% completion rate. He has also lead his team to a 2-0 start, and might just be able to compete in the playoffs this season.

19. Geno Smith

Geno is in a similar situation as Daniel Jones other than the fact his team is only 1-1. Geno has had a surprisingly great start to the 22-23 season. He has a rating of 99.1 and a 81.0% completion rate. He was also able to beat the former Seahawk (Russel Wilson) in a Primetime game. We will see if he can keep this run going and maybe even bring the hawks to another playoff season.

18.  Ryan Tannehill

Ryan has been off to a shaky season as him and the Titans have an 0-2 record. He only has a 58.5% completion rate and a 77.8 quarterback rating. Ryan will have to pick it up if he wants to go to the playoffs this season.

17. Jared Goff

Goff is off to an impeccable start, as he has a 100.1 rating. Goff also has 6 passing touchdowns and only 1 interception thus far into the season. He only has a 57.7% completion rate, but has had a lot of attempts. Goff might be able to lead this surprisingly good Lions team to a nice playoff appearance if he keeps playing well.

16. Carson Wentz

Wentz is off to a great start as he has a rating of 100.3 and already has 7 touchdowns. He has been held to a 65.5% completion rate, but has completed a good amount of passes so far this season. We will see if he can keep the passing game going and lead the commanders to a winning season or maybe put them in playoff contention.

15. Jimmy G.

Jimmy of course just got the call to start as Trey Lance is now dealing with a season ending injury. Jimmy started for most of the Niners game last week against the Seahawks, and he showed up for the team. He has a rating of 100.1 and had a completion rate of only 61.9%. I don’t see him playing much different from last year, I think he will pick up where he left off, and prove once again why he should be a starter. Of course he wasn’t able to play with the team the much this offseason, but the weapons are offense are pretty much the same, so he should be exciting to watch.

14. Kirk Cousins

Kirk is off to a rocky start, but has faced some tough defenses. Kirk only has a rating of 78.9 and a completion rate of 64.1, but I believe he will bring those numbers up and bounce back in the next couple weeks. He is a very experienced quarterback with a bunch of talented weapons on his offense. He does have a new head coach, but he should help their offense be even more effective and efficient than the past couple years. Kirk has a chance to lead his team to an NFC North Title, he just has to go out there and use his weapons correctly.

13. Derek Carr

Derek has also been struggling with his accuracy lately as he has a completion rate of 61.8% and a rating of 84.7 so far. He has 4 touchdowns, but also already has 3 interceptions and has been sacked 6 times. He will have to pick it up if he wants to see the playoffs again this year as his team has an 0-2 record.

12. Matthew Stafford

Yes I know, he is a reigning Super Bowl Champion, but I don’t think he has played as well as some people say. Stafford has had a solid start with an 80.7 rating and a 72.7% completion rate, but he has faced a struggling Falcons defense. Stafford should be able to get it done to lead his team to a playoff run, as long as he keeps giving the ball to Cooper Kupp.

11. Russell Wilson

Russ has also been of to a really shaky start as he has a completion rate of 58.9% and has a 86.5 rating. He had high expectations going into this season, and will need to play better if he wants to meet those expectations. He has a tough loss against the Seahawks in Week 1, and then was not able to do much against the Texans in Week 2 as him and the Broncos squeaked out a win. He will need to pick it up if he wants to visit the playoffs, especially considering the division he is in.

10. Kyler Murray

Murray of to an alright start, as he has a rating of 85.9 and a 63.9% completion rate. He had a rough day against Mahomes and the Chiefs, but then squeaked out an Overtime win against the Raiders. He is going to have to pick it up if he wants to lead him and the Cardinals to a playoff appearance.

9. Joe Burrow

Burrow is off to a not so hot start as he has already thrown 4 interceptions and has been sacked 13 TIMES! He has a rating of 73.1 and has a 64.0% completion rate. He is going to have to go Joey Brrrrrr mode if he wants to lead his 0-2 Bengals to another playoff run like last year.

8/7. Tua Tagovailoa/Jalen Hurts

These two Year 3 Quarterbacks have been outstanding through the first two weeks of the season. They are both around the 70% completion Rating, but have both seemed to play even better than that. Tua has an incredible 116.5 rating through the first two weeks, after he threw 6 touchdowns against the Ravens. He did have 2 sloppy interceptions in week 2, but then picked it up throughout the game. Hurts has a 97.1 rating and only one interception off of a weird screen play. They both average about 9.0 yards per attempt which is huge for their team. Also, you can’t forget what Jalen can do on his legs as he already has 3 rushing touchdowns on the year. It will be fun to see if these two quarterbacks can keep playing this well and lead their undefeated teams to outstanding seasons.

6. Tom Brady

Tom is off to an alright start as he has lead his team to an undefeated 2-0 record. He only has a shocking 59.0% completion rate and an 82.8 rating. He has not been able to do much so far into the season, but should be able to improve and lead the buccaneers to another great season.

5. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron is also off to an alright start as him and his team has a 1-1 record after taking a beating from the Vikings. He has still been able to keep a 94.5 rating and a 69.5% completion rate. It will be tough for Rodgers to adjust, as he has lost Davante Adams, and now has a couple of rookie starters on the squad. Rodgers should be able to work some of his magic to make these receivers look great, and hopefully lead them to another playoff run.

4. Justin Herbert

J. Herb has been off to an incredible start to the season, as he has a 112.5 rating. He also has a 72.0% completion rate and on top off that he has a 6:1 Touchdown to Interception Ratio. His team is 1-1 after a close win against the Raiders in week 1 and a really close loss to the 2-0 Chiefs. Herbert is a young stud that should be able to do really well in the future of the NFL, and keep having outstanding performances. We will see if he can lead his team to a playoff appearance in a stacked division and conference.

3. Lamar Jackson

Lamar was injured for some of last season, which caused his team to miss the playoffs, but he has started the 22-23 season with some absolute fire. Lamar is looking like he has a chance to contend for another MVP type of season. Lamar has an incredible QB rating of 120.1 and has completed 64.4% of his passes. Lamar also has a 6:1 Touchdown to Interception Ratio. Lamar looks like he might be able to make this season special for the Ravens.

2. Josh Allen

Josh Allen is once again proving why he is a top quarterback in this league. Josh is another quarterback that seems to be having a great chance at becoming this season’s MVP and possibly a Super Bowl Champ. He has a QB rating of 123.7 and a 75.4% completion Rate so far this season. Allen has a 7:2 Touchdown to Interception Ratio, and averages 8.9 yards an attempt. He has also been able to get 66 yards on his legs, and a touchdown to top that off. It should be exciting for Bills fans to see if Josh can lead their team to their first ever Super Bowl Win.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Surprise Surprise… Mahomes has been an incredible so far this season. Mahomes is looking like he might have another MVP Season, and might just be able to lead his team to another Super Bowl Run despite being in a tough division. Mahomes has a League Leading 127.9 QB rating, and a 73.0% completion rate. Mahomes is yet to throw an interception so far this season, and has already completed 7 touchdowns in the passing game. This is looking like another great season for Mahomes and the Chiefs, as they might be able to run it back to the Super Bowl this season.


We hope you enjoyed these Quarterback Rankings heading into Week 3 of the Season. Please comment your thoughts on the Rankings and if you liked this article. 😊 Have a great day.











  1. This is a tremendous post.  Terrific write-up.  I certainly support Matt Ryan at the bottom.  I’ve thought better of Trubisky this season…but won’t quibble.  It’s a well thought out ranking.  And Mahomes deserves to sit on top!