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Dallas Cowboys *Almost* Playoff Time…

Hey everyone! Sorry for not writing in a bit but I’m back after a crazy year of football. Just wanted to say thanks for the support all in 2022. Happy new year! 

Cowboys December football is always crazy, but this year was different. We have a chance (somehow) of still being able to get the 1 seed in the NFC right now. Here are the scenarios:

(Week 18)

If the following happens, the Cowboys get the 1 seed: DAL win + PHI loss + SF loss

2 seed: DAL win + PHI loss + SF win

5 seed: PHI win or DAL loss

Obviously, I want the one seed. Cause we get a first round bye and home playoff games. For the 2 seed, we would win the division but have to play in the Wild Card. It would be at home, either against GB, SEA, or DET. I’d be fine with that. And I’d also be fine with the worst seed case scenario; the 5 seed, @ TB. I’m pretty confident we could beat Brady and the Bucs on the road. But obviously I still want to chase that 1 or 2 seed. 

So I’m here after the TEN win. That was ugly, but we got it done. A. Win. Is. A. Win. Period. But the Eagles win was so fire, for the offense, but not the defense. The defense needs to work on some things. This secondary is so bad. We need to hope that gets fixed before the postseason. 

CeeDee is a superstar. I’m glad Kellen is finally focusing on getting him the ball. I just hope Kellen isn’t the reason we lose in the playoffs. A coordinator should not have trouble running a stacked offense like this. He’s been better I guess you could say, but I still think even I could do better (!!) lol.

The Cowboys X Commanders Week 18 date and time wasn’t released till yesterday, they will play Sunday at 4:25 pm EST. The Giants X Eagles, and 49ers X Cardinals games are ALSO BOTH at 4:25. Spices things up. So bottom line is ALL we have to focus on is winning OUR game. Then after it, check the score and hope it’s what we want. But again, if both the Eagles and Niners win, we still get the 5 seed and play the Bucs, which is not the end of the world. I’m actually confident in that game. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading everyone! Go Cowboys!

P.S. Everyone keep on praying for Buffalo Bills S Damar Hamlin. He had a scary injury in the MNF game between the Bills and Bengals and went immediately in an ambulance. It was so bad, the players were so hurt that they cancelled the game and will postpone it to another TBD day. Keep him in your thoughts, and I surely hope him and his family are OK. 🙏