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Death On Ice?- Caps V. Bruins Series Preview Breakdown

Familiar Faces on the ice during this series as we have a good one for everyone at home, so go grab your popcorn and blankets, and get the whole family as we breakdown this one of a kind series for you.

Familiar Faces on the ice as Former Captain of the Boston Bruins, Zdeno Chara plays this game… Not in a Bruins uniform though, Let’s bring it back to the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Zdeno had to get a new helmet as he broke his jaw, also that same playoffs Blues Defensemen Vince Dunn took a puck to the jaw.


Zdeno took the Market this season and signed with the Washington Capitals to help them bring that Cup back to D.C since they won it in ’18, Zdeno Chara is sure used to Playoff hockey since he’s played for the Bruins totaling to 150 Playoff Games with 56 Career Points (15 goals, 41 Assists).


Yes, He’s that important because he will come to my house and kill me if I don’t lol (Not really), 

He’s been suspended way too many times to count while totaling 1,052 Penalty Minutes and 333 Penalties

He’s received the most Penalty Minutes while only 3 other players have more Penalty minutes than Wilson does, Yeah that’s right 3 and those players are (Antoine Roussel, Cody McLeod and Evander Kane) 

Wilsons Most Recent Fine/Suspension was May 4th vs the Rangers when he “crossed the line” and caused a brawl with Rangers Captain Mika Zibanejad Causing him to pay $5,000 to the NHL for “Roughing”


I have no words for this, I guess you can become Elite by what line you play on because dang Taylor Hall showed us wrong because he is no in the Playoffs (One thing we said at the start of the season is wrong now), and on a good team ( Another thing we got wrong) 


I know this wasn’t so much information but I just wanted to give my Point Of View.

Outcome: Bruins win in 7, Caps will fight hard but won’t overcome by taking Games 2,4&6 and lose 4-3 In Regulation leaving the Bruins to advance to Round 2.

Well I’m RealTalan, Your MLB And NHL Reporter Signing Out


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