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Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson, and What It Means

March 7th was kind of a roller coaster for me as a Denver Broncos fan. Seeing that Aaron Rodgers signed a 4-year extension with the Packers was disappointing. But the disappointment didn’t last long as the Broncos traded for Russell Wilson soon after. This is a HUGE deal and here is why. 


February 2nd, 2014, the Seattle Seahawks will battle the Denver Broncos for a Super Bowl. Except…it wasn’t much of a battle as Seattle controlled the whole game and won 43 to 8. The Seahawks defense was destroying and Russell Wilson was just starting out his star career. After beating Peyton Manning, the next year he went back to the Super Bowl looking to win twice in a row, but this time he had to face no one other than the man Tom Brady. The game was close and both teams fought until the end. The Seahawks took their last drive looking to score and win the game. But, Russell Wilson threw it into the endzone and it was intercepted by Malcolm Butler. The next year, the Broncos made it again and this time, took the game 24 to 10 against the regular season 15-1 Carolina Panthers. So, what we should take away from all of this is, the Broncos and Russell Wilson have history together already. And that for three years in a row, either the Broncos or Russell Wilson made the Super Bowl, one being both. 


After winning Super Bowl 50 against the Panthers, things were not looking good. Peyton Manning retired and their struggle to find a quarterback began. This included all of the following quarterbacks: Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Brandon Allen, Jeff Driskel, Brett Rypien, Kendall Hinton, Drew Lock, and finally Teddy Bridgewater. Lots of quarterbacks, lots of losing seasons. They haven’t made the Playoffs since their last Super Bowl Win. But they kept getting closer and closer. Joe Flacco wasn’t bad, but the Broncos kept losing games by only one possession. Flacco got hurt and a kid from Missouri came in to take over the last few games. This kid was Drew Lock. He took the team and made it his own going 4-1 as a rookie. The next year looked very promising now. But long story short, Drew Lock was one of the worst quarterbacks that year. The Broncos tried Teddy Bridgewater next. He wasn’t terrible but still not the right guy. The Broncos went 7-10 to miss the Playoffs once again. And that pretty much catches up to March 7th. 


March 7th, Aaron Rodgers signs a history making extension with the Packers. This hurt the Broncos because Rodgers was rumored to go there for a long time now. Except it obviously didn’t hurt them that much because almost right after, they agreed to a trade for the man himself, Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson had an injury last season and had to sit out half the season. He has proven himself to be a HOF quarterback and has another chance to prove it here. He has many weapons and an amazing defense with him. He has wide receivers that are still young like Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick, and K.J. Hamler. If they need to stay on the ground, Wilson is a good rushing quarterback but they also have a beast in Javonte Williams. Also a good tight end in Albert Okwuegbunam. Then their stacked defense that are not free agents include Justin Simmons, Bradley Chubb, Patrick Surtain II, and much more. This is the perfect year for the Broncos to go on a huge run before a bunch of their players start becoming free agents. The Broncos have also reportedly been interested in a few free agents. This list includes Chandler Jones, Bobby Wagner, Von Miller, and Chris Harris Jr. Denver has already signed a few free agents like Calvin Anderson, Randy Gregory, Ben Braden, D.J. Jones, and Andrew Beck. This Broncos team is stacked with so much young talent and a superstar quarterback. The Denver Broncos are definitely Super Bowl contenders, and they should finally make the Playoffs again. Russell Wilson seems to already be excited as he changed his profile picture, and was seen at a children’s hospital. He is taking pride in being a Bronco already. 


Thanks for reading this article. How do you feel about this move? What are your predictions for Denver?