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Each MLB Teams Most Disappointing Player from Each MLB Team Part Three

The third article of this series will cover the AL East, which has been a surprisingly very solid division, the Rangers have been bad, the Mariners have seemed to pick it up, and the Angels are on the uprise, and should be big buyers on the market.

In my opinion, Jesus Luzardo has been the most disappointing player for the A’s. In 2019 and 2020 he was looking like this season would be a potential breakout season, but he hasn’t. The Lizard King has only pitched 36.2 innings in 11 outings and has given up 25 runs. He has a WHIP of 1.582. The strikeout numbers for Luzardo are very high, but aside from that Luzardo cannot find a groove, averaging 10.8H/9, and 3.4BB/9, which shows how Luzardo is letting too many hitters get on base.

I don’t think any player specifically has been very disappointing for the Astros, but my pick is Martin Maldonaldo. Before I start, the expectations aren’t very high for Martin offensively, but he’s still been doing worse than expected. He has a slash line of only .167/.246/.278, which is very bad. It’s only a matter of time before he is replaced by Jason Castro.

Anthony Rendon hasn’t looked the same this year and isn’t having very good AB. He’s striking out the most this year since 2016 and is walking the least since 2014. His slash line is .241/.314/.365. which isn’t terrible, but for a player like Rendon, he is underperforming so far for a team who could really use his explosiveness offensively.

David Dahl is currently on the IL, but through 42 games he has been very disappointing. The Rangers brought him in this past offseason in anticipation that he would be the consistent hitter we saw in his first three seasons in Colorado. In 2020, Dahl only played 24 games and was very disappointing. 2021 has been a repeat of 2020 for Dahl. Dahl has barely walked, strikes out 26.6% of the time, and has a terrible slash line of .208/.242/.340. At what was thought to be an everyday starter, I doubt Dahl will continue to play as much if he doesn’t step up his offense.

The Mariners don’t have a very disappointing player in my opinion. Their good talent has been playing well, and their so-so/bad talent is doing what is expected of them. Tom Murphy had a great 2019, slashing .273/.324/.525, in 74 games and played the best baseball of his career. He didn’t play in 2020 and has gotten off to a slow start in 2021, only hitting .181, with only eight walks and an OBP of. 245, I don’t expect Murphy to get much significant playing time for the Mariners. To be fair, I had no idea who Murphy was before this article, but the stats speak for themselves, he can’t find a groove this year and hasn’t played good baseball so far.