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Eagles draft recap round one

Benji – staff writer

Welcome to phillysportsnetwork! Ran by me and my buddy, we will keep you updated on Philly sports. Here on article one, I will be giving my thoughts on the eagle’s draft picks so far.

Round One: DeVonta Smith

Grade: A

Pros: Speed, route running

Cons: Size

I don’t believe it’s fair to say Smith will be bad due to size, I do believe that he needs to get a little bigger though. He has great route running and to be small can go up and get the ball. He showed this in the LSU game where he went up and caught a one-handed pass in the endzone. He of course first became known for his game-winning catch vs Georgia in the 2017 national championship-winning the game in OT.  He has good speed and blazes by DB’s. He ran a straight line in this year’s championship vs Ohio State and was wide open. I think it was smart by us to move up to get him because the Giants would have got him at 12. Thank you for taking your time to read this short article on my thoughts on this pick. What do you think of this pick? let me know in the comments!