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Fins Gon Give it to Yah

The Miami Dolphin’s are in an interesting spot with the team. The Rebuild is a few years ahead of schedule but star CB Xavien Howard wants a trade from the team, due to his own negligence when signing a legally binding contract, which he had a duty to fulfill but he doesn’t want to do that. My guess is that it gets handled behind closed doors and he is CB1 come Week 1. The offense got a few pieces during the Off season, in Will Fuller V and a few others a Healthy Devante Parker will help boost 808 Native Tua ¬†Tagovailoa with his confidence as well reports from training camp are saying Tua has been able to throw the deep pass and Coach Brian Flores will hopefully continue with that into the regular season. Brian Flores will look to cement himself this year as a coach that can succeed outside of Bill Belichick’s Bubble. Things are looking on the up and up for the 305.


  1. If they can secure Xavien Howard to their defense, Fins can be real playoff contenders. This also has to be followed if Tua and the offense can score points and get the team on the board cause it can’t just be the defense.