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Fixing a Draft Day Disaster, a Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles fans have probably one of the most annoying, yet dedicated fan bases in all of sports. But they have been punched in the face draft after draft, and quite honestly it’s getting ridiculous. Picking Jalen Reagor who could be solid, one pick before pro bowl talent Justin Jefferson was an absolute embarrassment. Then picking Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round, when you have Wentz who could be out of town soon, was a decent decision. But, they went about it horribly and now Jalen Hurts is now at risk of losing his job. I could keep going, but the Eagles draft day mistakes deserve an entire article by themselves.

Now let’s talk about the Eagles this year, trading down from pick #6 in the draft was a respectable move as it puts less pressure on the front office and allows them to open their options up besides WR and CB. Now would I have done that, no. I would have stayed and taken Patrick Surtain, but they got a nice haul out of it and I’m not complaining if I were an Eagles fan. Now, rumors have been swirling that the Eagles really like Mac Jones and are interested in taking him at 12, now I’d love to sit here and criticize it but I really, really want to see my Instagram feed after that pick, flooded with Eagles memes. So go for it Howie. 

Now let’s jump into the Mock Draft, I used NFL Mock Draft Database’s “Be The GM.” This is what I think the Eagles should do, not what I think will happen. I completed two trades in this Mock draft, not saying that the Eagles should make these exact moves, but in those spots I could see trades being a possibility. 

Round 1- 

With the 12th pick, the Philadelphia Eagles select Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama. In my SG Mock Draft 1.0, I had Waddle to the Eagles and it makes just too much sense. Alabama WR’s unlike their QB’s are great in the NFL, and this team had a horrendous issue with weapons for Wentz and Hurts. Everyone is always injured, and just stocking up with more WR’s will fix the issue. No CB here because Horn and Surtain were taken, and I don’t want to take a chance on Farley after that surgery. Now Waddle does not have a clean injury record as well, but he is too lethal as a weapon and fits an all around receiver mold. He can create separation, has fluid moves, create after the catch, and is lightning fast. His size is an issue, but that can be worked around when you have everything else to be a solid receiver. 

TRADE- The Eagles trade their 2nd Round, 37th overall pick to the Jaguars in exchange for their 2nd Round, 45th overall and 3rd Round, 106th picks (All 2021). 

Round 2- 

With the 45th pick, the Eagles select Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri. The Eagles desperately need Line Backers, it’s one of their biggest needs and to be honest I didn’t really love any of CB options at this pick. I felt I could wait and draft a few. So I went out and got one of the best players available in Bolton. 

Round 3- 

With the 70th pick, the Eagles select Brevin Jordan, TE, Miami (FL). The Eagles also need a TE, so why not grab Jordan who is one of the best TE’s in the draft. He forces miss matches and is explosive, something you don’t see in every TE. If the Eagles can develop this kid, he may be one of the better TE’s to come out of recent classes. 

With the 84th pick, the Eagles draft Trill Williams, DB, Syracuse. One of multiple CB’s I have the Eagles drafting is right here. I reached ranking wise, as Williams was in the 100’s according to “Be The GM,” and I drafted him 84th. But Williams is a physical corner with a great frame, who will provide a lot to this secondary that many other CB’s still left in the class won’t be able to do. Now he did play FS for the Orange last season, but wherever he plays he will be useful for this Eagles defense. 

With the 106th pick, the Eagles select Hunter Long, TE, Boston College. I meant to draft a corner back here, so let’s just say this is my best Howie Roseman impression. Now another CB here is the best bet, and drafting maybe 3 corners this draft should be the goal for the Eagles. But, to defend my pick still, let’s give hurts as many weapons as possible to ensure we see the best of him, and having a great TE duo with potential is exactly that. 

Round 4-

With the 123rd pick, the Eagles select Trey Sermon, RB, Ohio State. More weapons to load up this offense. Sermon is not someone who I would spend an early draft pick on, but in the 4th round the Eagles have nothing to lose going for him here.

Round 5- 

With the 150th pick, the Eagles select Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State.

Round 6-

With the 189th pick, the Eagles select Marquez Stevenson, WR, Houston.

With the 224th pick, the Eagles select, Feleipe Franks, QB, Arkansas. 

TRADE- The Eagles receive 2022 6th round and 7th round picks, the Vikings receive 2021 6th Round, 225th pick. 

Round 7-

With the 234th pick, the Eagles select O’Bryan Goodson, DL, Memphis 

With the 240th pick, the Eagles select Tommy Doyle, OT, Miami (OH)


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