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How the Bears can beat the Bengals

A week 2 showdown between the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals. This should be a good one veteran quarterback Andy Dalton going up against his former team the Bengals. He spent pretty much his whole career there and was their franchise quarterback. Everyone usually looks at the Bengals as a team who is pretty irrelevant and never wins a team with a pretty small fan base. So some people might look at this game like it’s going to be a boring one and Chicago might just take the W. But I am not so sure about that one I really don’t think this game is going to be as easy as people think.

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 The Bengals have a stacked offense I don’t know so much about their defense but their offense is actually very scary. They have Joe Burrow as their quarterback coming off a horrible injury from last year and when he got hurt for the rest of that season and In the offseason, it seems to be a lot of people forgot his name. Like I know he had the team on a losing record but he was actually doing well even with that horrible offensive line I just think people forgot about him and put all their attention to the other young guy Justin Herbert when people forget that Burrow can be just as good as him. Not just with Burrow, they have top 8 running back Joe Mixon he is a beast and he is in the same situation as Burrow he has a terrible offensive line too maybe he would be even higher than top 8 if he has a good offensive line. 

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Now the last part to this offensive I am going to mention their deadly receiver trio of Ja’mmar Chase, Tee Higgens, and Tyler Boyd. Secondaries should be horrified to see that trio on the field. People all know about stud Ja’mmar Chase but people forget about Tee Higgens you see last year’s rookie draft class was stacked and there were so many studs so people didn’t notice Tee Higgens. First off because he is on the Bengals and no one watches them and he isn’t on the same level as the other guys in his class but he is still good the only reason he isn’t on the same level is that the class he was in was stacked if he was in any other class he would be at the top so don’t sleep on Tee Higgens and honestly the same with Tyler Boyd everyone showing attention to Ja’mmar Chase people don’t talk about Boyd because he is a very quiet wide receiver two he is on a slept on the team with a hyped wide receiver one and doesn’t say much so people forget how good this guy can be too.

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But enough about the Bengals offense I am going to get into my keys to Bears victory. I know most of the time you would only go into how to win if your team is a huge underdog or there would be no point in going through strategy if your team will obviously win. But I wouldn’t necessarily say we’re obviously going to win this game. The Bengals just last week beat the Vikings and I would say the Vikings are a better team than we are so if they can beat the Vikings they can beat us. You don’t know how the Bengals can pop off this year they Have Burrow coming back with drafting Ja’mmar Chase let’s get into my ways to how we can win.

Attack the Bengals secondary:

This Bengals defense is terrible mostly their cornerbacks and safeties. But even if the Bengals didn’t have a bad cornerback group I would still say that we have to go deep and attack because the last game was ridiculous we didn’t throw one pass over 20 yards. Like that’s terrible so this game we should attack first off Andy Dalton is playing his former team and he would like to destroy their defense so have Andy Dalton take some shots throw some passes he usually wouldn’t throw because it is fine to take the risk by doing that because the Bengals cornerback trio right now is Eli Apple, Mike Hilton, and Chidobe Awuzie. That is nothing but weak this game could for sure be a game where the receiver duo of Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney can go off. I think this could be our game to get some offensive confidence back. If this were to be the game where we have the chance to put up some points this is the game. I think this could be the game where Allen Robinson would just go off he finally has play calling where we will go deep he has weak corners and Dalton might actually play well due to the situation. Last game vs the Rams he didn’t do much this will be his bounce back.

Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney have been named the 2020 Brian Piccolo  Award winners | WGN-TV

Send some blitzes on the Bengals:

This Bengals offensive line is just terrible maybe the worst in the NFL. They are the reason why Joe Burrow got hurt last season. So the Bengals have the worst offensive line and we have one of the best defensive line. So I think this game should be a nightmare for quarterback Joe Burrow I have evidence that our offensive line will do good because last week the Bengals played the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had five sacks on Joe Burrow and we for sure have a better defensive line than the Vikings so imagine what we will do. So just how I said with Allen Robinson doing nothing vs the Rams and it’s his perfect game to bounce back. I think this is the same with Khalil Mack I saw him do nothing vs the Rams. But now it’s perfect for him Blitz play calls will be going on and he will be going against a terrible offensive line so this is his bounce-back game. 

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Give the ball to David Montgomery like know tomorrow:

Last game we put up 14 lousy points. But we actually were moving the chains a lot in that game but we could never convert for touchdowns though. But the reason why we were moving the chains is that David Montgomery balled out last game. We have one of the worst offensive lines and the Rams defensive line is stacked with Aaron Donald and Montgomery still destroyed them. I saw a stat last game where David Montgomery had more rushing yards off tackles after contact than yards with no contact. So if he did all of that against the Rams he can for sure do that vs the Bengals. Last game I will say we were really good at milking the clock and that is because of David Montgomery so if we can get the deep ball going on the Bengals cornerbacks and then have to milk the clock with Montgomery we have everything we need on offense to win.

Bears RB David Montgomery is second in rushing yards through Week 1

Those are my ways to how Chicago can win! I think this game is the game where we get confidence back our offense does everything we have always wanted it to do because in this game we have the perfect matchup situations. Our defensive line vs their offensive line our receiver duo of Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney vs their weak cornerback group. Everything we want in a game is in this game. One concern I have is our defensive played terribly last game mostly our cornerbacks letting the Rams receivers burn us by 20 yards and not touching people when they’re on the ground. So like I said earlier the Bengals receiver trio is deadly to they are most likely going to take advantage of us because they know our cornerback room is weak losing Kyle Fuller. So with my whole David Montgomery run plan they need to burn the clock with him because I don’t want Joe Burrow to be on offense much with their receiver trio.

Score Prediction:

I say this every time but I’ll say it again my favorite part is the score prediction! I am going to take the Chicago Bears in Soldier Field to win at a score of 30-20. I think we can win I truly think that I am not saying this is an easy win I am not sleeping on the Bengals but with how good our matchup situations are I think we will win. But no matter what happens in this game like always bear down!!!!