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How To Salvage This Failure Of A Season

The Good

Well there wasn’t a lot, but Elijah Collins looks to have emerged over Broussard which is a major win; Broussard is not the answer. The defense wasn’t even bad this week. There obviously were some defensive lapses but it was a step up nonetheless. This team can hold on the goal line. Maryland Playcalling was just bad, similar to Maryland as a team, but we’re somehow worse. 

The Bad

Thorne. He looked like the same QB from last year (not a good one) and this is a step up from the rest of his year. He’s gotten too cocky and hasn’t improved at all. Cant make easy throws and sure as hell can’t make tough ones. His decision making is laughable and he is dragging the offense down. 
The O Line. It’s bad. We knew it would be bad but it’s bad. Cant run block and even when they give Thorne a clean pocket he pisses it away or it’s because they only rush 3.  
“Killer Bees” No. They aren’t killer. Broussard is not Power 5 material and Berger isn’t elusive at all. This needs to be Collins backfield until the others prove something different. It’s pathetic how they went from the reason the offense clicked to one of the biggest reasons it wont. 
Special Teams. Good lord. Of all the things I thought would hurt us in this one, our inability to make kicks or even get them off was not one of them. 


This team is not good. This most likely isn’t a bowl eligible team. The coaching is awful and the players are worse. Need to turn it around next year in a bad way. Onto Wisconsin