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How Will The Lakers Do In The Playoffs?

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a quite terrible season. With the Lakers losing Anthony Davis and LeBron James during the season, it was a tough ride. Other guys like Kyle Kuzma, Andre Drummond, and more suffered injuries too. The young guys really had to prove what they can do. Kuzma got back from his injury quickly and really showed up. Talen Horton-Tucker was a key player to the season too. So how will they do in the Playoffs?

The Lakers are coming off from a championship during the bubble. They are going to play the Phoenix Suns in the first round. Both Chris Paul and Devin Booker had an immaculate season. It is hard to tell who will win this series. As long as the Lakers can maintain to stay healthy during the season, it should be a tough battle. LeBron versus CP3 is going to be a fun matchup as they are good friends. But friendship isn’t going to matter. I think if the Lakers have the same mindset as they did last year, they will pull through. But I don’t see the Lakers winning another championship this year. I say that because the Lakers have looked pretty sloppy. Even with LeBron and AD on the court, it hasn’t been the best. Only time will tell what happened next though. What do you guys think about this? 




  1. I think this series will be taken to 7. Unfortunately, I don’t think they will beat them. Suns are more ready. I do think the lakers can win it all, but I don’t like their odds.