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I’m Back!: Plans For The Future.

Whats Up Guys,

I’ve finally decided to return to my roots and am planning on writing on the site that once gave me a chance to put out my thoughts about sports, lately i’ve disappeared off the grid on all my fan pages but do plan to make a return to my account in the 2023-24 season this summer, with that all being said i have some fantastic ideas for my future content on this site and hope you enjoy every part of it, don’t feel like reading? I understand! i’ll be starting a podcast sometime in the near future that’ll go on the streaming market, while i’ve been gone i’ve made music and have traveled for shows, along with that though i’ve seen so many different fan bases that i feel it’s time to come back home and write once more, I am aka RealTalan and i hope you will be returning to my content in the near future!


I am also expanding my content from Baseball and Hockey to Football as well, along with Fantasy tips to help you succeed in your one million dollar league.