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Indianapolis Colts Postgame Wrap Up

  1 2 3 4 OT T
IND 0 3 3 3 3 12
DEN 3 3 3 0 0 9

Passing Yards:

  • Matt Ryan: 26-41, 251 YDS, 2 INT
  • Russell Wilson: 21-39, 274 YDS, 2 INT

Rushing Yards:

  • Deon Jackson: 13 CAR, 62 YDS
  • Melvin Gordon III: 15 CAR, 54 YDS

Receiving Yards:

  • Alec Pierce: 8 REC, 81 YDS
  •  Courtland Sutton: 5 REC, 74 YDS

Alright, breathe. I know I am a new writer and all, I am also a diehard Colts fan. Me and Bronco fans are the only people actually stressed out about this game to be honest. I am going to write how I feel right now then I will write about the actual game.

Okay, I am ecstatic the Colts had the ability to come from behind and actually win a game (last year they had trouble coming from behind). I almost thought this team was going to tie for A SECOND TIME all year, 5 games in to the season. I think my heart beat has finally come down from the all time high it was at, I seriously think a doctor would tell me that the Colts are putting too much stress on my heart and I need to stop watching for a while for the muscle, aka my heart, to recover. In the back of my mind I still cannot get past how bad the game was but hey, a win is a win. I was also extremely happy to see Subway Boy (Aka Russ) not cook whatsoever. I think he should be fired from Subway because he can’t even wrap the damn sandwiches up in that crappy Subway wrapping paper that almost always lets grease bleed through if you get bacon. Let’s also not forget about Chase Mclaughlin being a kicking GOD, I love being able to have a kicker I actually feel like will make a kick when I actually need him to make the kick. He went 52, 51, 31 and 48 for the OT lead. If he was a foot fetish guy I would kiss his foot all day just because of that, kickers never get the credit they deserve when they do good stuff so here it is, I will give you a foot kissing if you want it Chase, just wash them please. Finally, Stephon Gilmore with defensive player of the game, 2 passes defended and an INT to get the ball back in the red zone and the game winning knockdown, that is one free agency signing that I actually like, great job Chris. Ok, I’ve gotten out the excitement, let’s break it down.

By the standard of football today, this game was a very boring game, nobody really seemed like they wanted to win the game, they didn’t want to lose but it was just a weird game. On my football show, Gridiron Chaos I predicted a 17-10 game just because I knew both defenses would control the game and the offenses have also sputtered. Right before game time, Prime announced the Indianapolis Colts made some major changes at their starting offensive line it went:

  • LT Bernhard Raimann
    • Let’s just say he struggled to say the very least, at the beginning, he had to face Baron Browning, who is a challenge, but the rookie stuck it out and ended up being there when we needed him. I like the coaching staff keeping him there, they did that with Anthony Castonzo, eventually he will figure it out.
  • LG Quenton Nelson
  • C Ryan Kelly
    • Kelly exited the game with a hip injury, Danny Pinter replaced him
  • RG Braden Smith
  • RT Matt Pryor
    • Matt was getting beat like usual, can’t have him there, he is a liability, would have loved to see Ballard resign Chris Reed and have him play LT even though he is a guard

I like the change up, when something doesn’t work, try t change it, but this didn’t work either, good lord almighty 10,000,000 year old Ryan was still running for his life out there, the poor guy should be on a golf course right now sipping on a Coors Light (weakest beer I could find for his missionary sex having ass, you know he is a master at missionary and only missionary,  his wife asks him to put a leg on his shoulder or doggy and he just can’t get up for it). There should be a penalty for elder abuse on the Colts right now, hell, fine Jimmy $25,000 for abusing his own kind, the elderly, Matt Ryan has been sacked 21 times through 5 games, he has also fumbled 11 times through those games, he is going to shatter the fumble record. The Indianapolis Colts fumbled 4 times tonight and lost none of them although Ryan threw his 7th INT of the season. People are pointing to the offensive line as the issue here but Ryan is almost as much to blame. I understand that if the line isn’t good he is going to struggle, but Ryan needs to have more veteran presence, watching Ryan hold the football when outside the pocked, hell, even inside the pocket, he almost gives it away. He needs to be taught to tuck it and drop, yeah taking a sack sucks but he has lost some games already because of fumbles. His interceptions are just as much of an issue, both of his INT’s were directly to a defender, I saw it coming as soon as he threw it, the only excuse would be he was being blocked out by a lineman and could not see over them because they were egregious interceptions. I don’t want to harp too much on Ryan, people need to understand both Ryan is still adjusting to the team and the team is adjusting to Ryan, these things take time and more importantly, patience from the team and the fanbase, that’s why I never understood getting rid of Wentz, I will write a full blog on this but I feel like it really was an emotional move from Irsay to do that. Now to the brighter side of things, the wide receiving core is really starting to shape, I still feel as though they are missing a “guy” but MPJ and Pierce are really getting comfortable, Alec Pierce had multiple catches where it made you say “How in the world did you catch that?” including a tipped pass from Matt Ryan that Pierce ROBBED from the corner and literally made the corner look like his controller disconnected. What I really want to see more of is using the tight end’s height, they love to brag about how “oh they used to play basketball so they are big, strong and can jump” then use it, in the RedZone I want to see Jelani Woods and Big Mo standing in the end zone just waiting there for Matt Ryan to throw a jump ball like a game of 500 (you remember that game, we should do that more as adults to be honest, anyone want to come and play 500 with me?). Defensively, although we lost Kwity Paye tonight, the defensive line is really getting after it, they have been making these AFC West QB’s run for their lives. As of right now, the Indianapolis Colts are actually top 10 in NFL PPG with 18.8, who would have thought? Gus Bradley is actually not blitzing a ton, through the first 4 games he was blitzing at a measly 19.6%, which would be 26th in the NFL while the hurry percentage is 13th in the NFL through 4 at 10.1% but they are 24th in the NFL with only 7 sacks…but after Thursday they will have 11 sacks on the season (that’s 8 over the last 3 games), if they played that pace for an entire 17 game season, they would see over 40 sacks in the season, so that is very promising. I can’t forget to give the corners their love, Gilmore was AWESOME, he saved the game if anything, Kenny Moore made some awesome plays including punching a ball out of a tight end’s hands in the end zone, good to see considering after asking for more money he was 102 out of 106 qualified players for Pro Football Focus’ pass coverage rankings. Lets talk Isaiah Rodgers Sr., he out ran Scottie Miller and DeSean Jackson yet he has played sparingly, instead they have Brandon Facyson. I get it, Gus likes him because he and Gus Bradley have been with each other on 3 teams and he has the right body type but Rodgers is just a DAWG, last year he played 48% of snaps yet he had 3 pics, how do you not even notice he exists? Gus needs to do a little better. 

Ok, I think I am done, wait, nope, Frank thought he escaped, I bet Frank was reading this thinking he is off the hook, no buddy not at all, I will actually say, his play calling was, dare I say, better? The team actually had some more life in what they were trying to run, Ryan never had the time to get a play to develop because he was abused half the time. I can’t let him go for how awful this line is, how could it possibly be this awful in one year? They have regressed so much, past a point I thought was even possible although tonight when the team needed it, they kicked it into another gear and got the job done. What I really don’t understand is not running an up tempo offense in OT, it worked for you to end the game, why not do the same in OT? I actually don’t have too many gripes for once so, I rarely say this, good job Frank? Yeah, good job Frank Reich!

Ok, now seriously, I have to sleep, it’s 1:42 am Friday morning and I have a long weekend of watching football and I need sleep. Life feels good with a win, so victory Friday virtual drinks are on me and go Colts!