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Jalin Hyatt Is Becoming The Best WR In The Nation!

As most people know Jalin Hyatt has been buzzing around the nation with his historic game against Alabama. Jalin broke a school record for Receiving TDS in a single game with 5. Jalin also had 6 catches which resulted in 207 yards, but what people don’t know is how Jalin got here, and the season he has been putting on before this game.

Jalin Hyatt had a underwhelming year last season, and admitted that he didn’t do as good as he knew he could, so during the offseason Jalin put in tons of unseen work that helped him get ready for what would now be known as a “breakout season” Hyatt currently is leading the nation in Receiving TDS with 10 in only 6 games. He also has a total of 595 yards with 33 catches. These numbers average out to around 18 yards per catch which is crazy to think about!

Hyatt has proved to be a true WR1 on this team even when star WR Cedric Tillman is on the field. It is very fun to watch Jalin Hyatt go to work each Saturday and put on a show for the best Fanbase in the world, as he is expected to continue to do big things for the rest of his junior season.