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Rockets Insider

Kevin Porter Jr’s Historic 50pt Night

In 2019, The Cleveland Cavaliers selected a little-known rookie out of USC with the last pick in the first round.  However, nobody could predict that Kevin Porter Jr would soon become, not only the youngest player to drop 50pts and 10+ asts (surpassing Lebron James), but one of the NBA’s brightest and most talented rising stars.

Rockets fans should be extremely excited because the future is in good hands. Porter Jr, who is averaging 16.7pts, 3.8rebs, and 6.4 asts a game for the Rockets. On Friday, KPJ erupted for 50pts, 11asts and 5rebs. What’s even more startling however is how easy it was to trade for such a talent. Rafael Stone, GM for the Rockets traded for KPJ, exchanging only a protected second-round pick! As stated in my previous article, Stone has an extremely good eye for diamonds in the rough, however, a contributing factor to the trade was the apparent incident with JB Bickerstaff and Cavs GM Koby Altman over a perceived locker dispute. The fallout after KPJs 50pts had fans pointing out similarities between his game and James Harden’s. Both lefties. Both great at distributing and scoring. Both have extremely hard to guard step-backs as one of the many tricks in their bag.

Not only did KPJ have a great game, but DJ Wilson and CWood had impressive performances. Wilson had 15pts and 12rebs while CWood had 31pts, 4asts and 9rebs. Die-hard fans who have followed the careers of both would be able to recall that they both played for the Bucks (or in CWoods case their G-League affiliate). “I know how special I can be” Wood said after the game. In an otherwise horrible season, the Rockets should look to the future because it is most certainly bright.


  1. Like I said in your last article, I love the young core this team has accumulated over this season. It will certainly continue to add up under Rafael Stone and benefit them largely in the future.