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Latest News on Dalton Risner, Jonathan Taylor, Trey Lance, and More

This offseason has been filled with rumors linking the Vikings to many names through trades and signings.


Dalton Risner

The talk about Risner to the Vikings has died down a bit recently. However l, the Vikings need serious help on the interior offensive line. Ed Ingram and Ezra Cleveland are not the guys you want as your guards when your are trying to win football games.

Ingram is coming off a very bad rookie season. The 2nd rounder out of LSU ranked 57th of all guards in the league last season by PFF. He also led the league in sacks allowed with 11.

Cleveland is coming off a better year where he had the 8th best PFF grade amongst guards. However he allowed 5 sacks and ranked 56th by PFF on pass blocking.

Risner, who’s currently a free agent, ranked 42nd last year as a guard. He’s a much better pass blocker than Cleveland but is a poor run blocker. With the way the offense is changing, pass blocking is way more important to the team than run blocking. He only allowed 3 sacks and took 1 penalty in 967 snaps.

Overall the addition of Dalton Risner would be nice but wouldn’t change the team too much. It also raises the question if they do bring him in, who goes out?


Trey Lance

The Minnesota native has recently become available for trade after being named the Niners third string behind Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold. Minnesota’s been linked to him for quite some time now due to him being from here.

Minnesota and San Francisco had “serious conversations” about a trade for Lance but talks fell apart last Spring, per Dianna Russini of the Athletic.

Ian Rapaport stated on Wednesday, “As the 49ers weigh options for Trey Lance, calling his hometown team, the Vikings (who were a rumored destination before the Draft) makes sense. Nothing is impossible, but Minnesota has a backup in Nick Mullens and drafted rookie QB in Jaren Hall. Post-draft, these deals are harder.”

Now it would be weird to move on from your 5th round QB just a couple months after the draft, but Hall has not displayed much these 2 preseason games.

Lance’s career has been struck with unfortunate injuries but it’s easy to believe O’Connell would love to have him on the team considering Cousins being a free agent next year and our cap



T.J. Hockenson

Dianna Russini broke news recently that Hockenson and the Vikings were engaged in extension talks, but both sides are very far apart.

Hockenson reportedly wants to “reset the market” for tight ends and sign a “historic deal.”

Darren Waller of the New York Giants is currently the highest paid TE at $17M a year. Hockenson is undoubtedly better than Waller which raises the question on if he should be getting paid that type of money.

Hockenson has been limited at practice for some time now due to an ear infection and back stiffness.


Jonathan Taylor

Taylor and the Colts have had a drama filled falling out since the start of camp. The team just granted Taylor’s camp permission to seek a trade.

Taylor’s camp “would love to involve the Vikings” as a potential landing spot for their client, per Darren Wolfson.

Taylor is entering the final year of his rookie contract and wants to get paid. Minnesota, who just moved on from Cook, would be unlikely to make a move for the RB due to the team not wanting to spend money on the running back position.

The money also wouldn’t work with guys like Hockenson, Jefferson, Hunter, and Cousins all being free agents next offseason.