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Mahomes vs Allen: Bills @ Chiefs Rundown

Last season’s game of the year changed a lot throughout as we progressed. At first, we thought it was Browns vs Chargers, then Chargers vs Raiders, but in the AFC divisional game between the Chiefs and the Bills we saw one of the greatest games ever played. 

Allen walked into Arrowhead that night with a perfect postseason to that point. While the Chiefs were looking to continue their revenge tour. We didn’t know what we were in for. Mahomes to Kelce capped off an unbelievable game that night in OT with a 42-36 Chiefs win. We all know, even if you’re not a Bills fan, that left a bad taste in Buffalo’s mouth. All eyes are on the Bills as they look to take their revenge in Kansas City on Sunday at 3:25 PM.

Both teams are coming off wins improving their records to 4-1. Whoever comes out of this game alive will take the top spot in the AFC. Even though it’s only week 6, this game is very important to the postseason as both these teams seem to be the top contenders for 1 seed in the playoffs.

What the Bills need to do to win this game:

The Bills have looked almost unstoppable this season. Stefon Diggs is easily keeping his name in the top 5 for best receivers in the league. While Gabe Davis looks like a #1 receiver almost anywhere else. The bills need to continue to take advantage of their favorable matchups on the outside and feed their explosive players. The Chiefs are most likely out of luck with Rashaad Fenton so they’ll probably have rookie Joshua Williams on the field unless McDuffie is ready to go, this is good news to the Bills and an easy exploit, as this would be Williams’ first career start. If I were a Bills fan I wouldn’t want to see a lot of runs from the backs. Allen is the best rusher on the team and I’d only run with him if I was playing calling. Both offenses are probably not going to get stopped very often so the difference in the game is going to be the defense. The Bills’ top safety Micah Hyde is out and their FS Jordan Poyer has been limited in practice and missed the game last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bills played a lot of snaps out of Nickel and had an extra DB on the field a lot of the time. Without Tyreek Hill, Kelce is the main player the Chiefs need to stop. Pro-Bowl CB Tre’Davious White will probably be most relied on to do that. Finally, the Bills need to play smart. Don’t make stupid plays. One stupid play could give up the game.

What the Chiefs need to do to win this game:

The Kansas City Chiefs did not get off to a strong start against Las Vegas. If the Chiefs want to stay in this game they need to strike from the start. It will be close to impossible to get back in this game if we fall behind, (even though nothing is impossible with Mahomes). We need to strike first. The run game for the Chiefs has looked exceptional compared to recent years. Clyde, McKinnon, and Pacheco have all created enough movement on the ground to make this offense scary on two levels. The Chiefs need to keep this up and be able to use their big receivers to create blocks upfield. KC also needs to stop getting into 3rd and long situations, it can really stunt drives and needs to be contained. Special teams were the main reason for Kansas City’s first loss. It has gotten better, but missed field goals/extra points could be the factor of a win or loss. If we can execute to a decent level on all 3 sides of the ball the Chiefs are promising in this game. 

My Pick:

Even though this is the first time Mahomes has ever not been favored at Arrowhead I’m still taking the Chiefs to win it. I think the Chiefs take it 33-29 and advance to 5-1.