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Michigan State Can’t Get It Done @ Maryland, a Breakdown

On Saturday Michigan State took on the 3-1 Maryland Terrapins. Maryland won the game 27-13 and MSU was shut out in the second half, the Spartans now have to face a red hot undefeated Ohio State team led by arguably the nation’s best QB. Here’s my breakdown of what went down @ Maryland. 


On the first drive of the game Maryland drove 93 yards and scored an Antwain Littleton 15 yard run. Michigan State would then get their chance with the football, and after putting up just 7 points last week, the Spartan offense was playing with something to prove. MSU would get down to the Maryland 12 and would hand it off to Elijah Collins, who would break a tackle and find the endzone. The Terps would find the endzone almost immediately afterwards though, putting them up 14-7. After a punt from both sides the Spartans found themselves in Field Goal range, they sent out lefty kicker Ben Patton to make a 33 yard kick from the left hash mark, he hooked the kick wide left and the lead stayed 14-7. Maryland would get the ball but be forced to punt the ball back to MSU, Michigan State was moving the ball extremely well on this drive and found themselves at the Terrapins 8 yard line. Thorne took the snap and found Jayden Reed in the endzone for 6, on the PAT attempt Long Snapper Hank Pepper snapped the ball straight to the Kicker and MSU failed to convert the PAT. Maryland would then shred MSUs defense and find the endzone once more in the half, Michigan State’s defense couldn’t get themselves off the field much this game. Then to end the half Sparty sent out Jack Stone to kick a 45 yard Field Goal, the snap was good, the hold was good, but the kick was blocked. 21-13 Maryland at half as MSU had left 7 points off the board due to special teams play. Michigan State would receive the ball to start the second half and they would stall out and punt the ball to Maryland. The Terrapins would then get into Field Goal range and hit a 45 yarder to put them up 24-13. Michigan State’s offense could not get the ball moving at all in the second half and would be forced to punt. Maryland would then miss a Field Goal and give MSU the ball back with 1:22 left in the third. Neither offense found its rhythm in the fourth quarter as MSU punted, Maryland turned it over on downs, and Sparty was forced to punt again. Maryland would then make a 51 yard Field Goal putting them up 27-13. On MSU’s last chance to get back into the game they turned the ball over on downs and that was it, Maryland would win the game 27-13 and MSU would fall to 2-3.

How did MSU lose?

Well the fact that the special teams unit missed a possible 7 points certainly doesn’t help, but this loss came down to defense and play calling. Michigan State’s defensive coordinator Scottie Hazelton needs to be fired, he’s not a good coach, he can’t call good plays, all he does is hurt this team every single week. If Michigan State wants to start establishing themselves as a top player in college football, they need to fire Scottie Hazelton. The offense also needs to change some things as well, Berger and Broussard are obviously not working, play Elijah Collins, he had 5 carries for 36 yards and a touchdown. He is the perfect back for MSU football, He’s a powerback who we can hand the ball off to and get consistent numbers every game. And finally, we need to change up the defensive looks and packages. Every single game we get 300+ yards thrown on us because we do the same thing, if we change up the looks every once in a while we may not let up 314 passing yards.

The rest of this season and what to expect next year

The schedule just gets tougher from here on out. Vs Ohio State, Vs Wisconsin, @ Michigan, and @ a seemingly very good Illinois. It’s not unrealistic to think MSU won’t pick up a win in this stretch of games, but this is a rebuilding year after all. The loss of Kenneth Walker has hurt the Spartans a lot, and no team can just replace that production in a single season. The team is going to need time to get better, and could very easily go 10-2 next year. This year is going to be a struggle but we all knew that coming into it, MSU has a very bright future ahead of them and there is no reason to jump ship.

Stat Leaders

Payton Thorne: 27-44 221 Yds 1 Td

Elijah Collins: 5 Car 36 Yds 1 Td

Jayden Reed: 7 Rec 61 Yds 1 Td

Ben VanSumeren: 14 Tot 5 Solo



    1. MSU’s defense has been poor and I think their play calling has been poor as well. I’d like to see a game where they put 100% trust in Thorne. I believe he is a talented QB.