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Monday night football prediction

Tonight there is a great Monday night football game going down and that is the Las Vegas Raiders vs the Baltimore Ravens. I love Monday night football because it is a classic Monday night football has been around forever it’s been around longer than Thursday night football and Sunday night football. Monday night football even has its own classic them song for the channel I know a lot of tv channels have that but what is so special about this one is it has been around forever they have been using the same song for years and great thing about it is they haven’t changed the song at all over the years and know one has said anything bad about there theme song which proves how good it is. But enough about how I love Monday night football let’s get into the game I am exited for this one because I really like the Raiders if you have read my other articles you know I am a Bears fan but If I had to choose another team to go for other than the Bears I would probably go for the Raiders I don’t know why I have always had heart for them. So tonight I want to breakdown how they can beat the Ravens and pull a upset on national tv. Ravens are a good team I know there very injured but still they have made the playoffs 3 years in a row I think the Ravens have a better team than the Raiders even when injured but I think Raiders can pull off a upset tonight. There are a lot of things this team can pull together to win I know there players well I know what they can do to beat a team better than them so here are the keys to how they can pull off the upset and beat the Ravens.

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Shut down the Ravens run game:

The Ravens are usually known for a team who runs the ball out with lockdown defense’s. But there running situation tonight is a bit different than usual before this season started both of there star running backs went down to injury both JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards that is a very elite running back duo if they didn’t get injured there run game would be unstoppable they would have the running back duo and Lamar Jackson’s running so that would be deadly. But it is the complete opposite both of those guys are out not one both that is horrible luck for the Ravens. So tonight the Raiders need stuff the run game and force passes out of Lamar Jackson. I don’t know if Le’veon Bell will be playing tonight but whoever is playing RB 1 for the Ravens won’t be that good. So Raiders need to take advantage of that secure lock down on there running back 3 and force Lamar to throw because what I have seen when Lamar has to throw he doesn’t do so well and if you shut down both the running backs running and Lamar’s running Lamar will have to throw. Lamar is not the type of QB that will go off hitting every pass and going on a passing hot streak he just can’t do it because when the game is in his hands and he has to make a pass he has to make he never converts.

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Have Derek Carr throw the ball all over the field:

Derek Carr is one of the most underrated players in the nfl. I think he is capable of having a bigger game than people think he can. The Raiders have super fast receivers and the Ravens just lost there best cornerback Marcus Peters to injury and he is a good deep threat cornerback and is one of the best trash talkers too. But with Marcus Peters being there best deep threat defender and him being out the Raiders have the best chance to take advantage of that they have one of the fastest receiver cores with 2nd year speedster Henry Ruggs who is in top 3 for fastest receivers in the nfl and also have top 3 tight end Darren Waller. I know Waller isn’t as good as Kittle or Kelce but one thing he has that most tight ends don’t is he has speed he is almost as fast as a receiver he is impossible to guard he has the size of a tight end and the speed of a receiver you can’t guard him. So with the fast receivers that the Raiders have most plays for those guys should be deep routes play to win with your pass offense you can destroy the Ravens off play action that would be the perfect formation this game have Carr run play action and go deep to Ruggs and Waller since Peters isn’t there.

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Put the game in the hands of Lamar Jackson:

I explained this a little bit earlier and explained about his bad passing ability but there is more to this. With the Ravens being weak on offensive weapons tonight force Lamar to make plays that he isn’t good at. Like I said earlier stuff the run game and destroy there RB 3 and that will force Lamar to throw and Lamar does not have a good wide receiver 1 he has Sammy Watkins and Hollywood Brown those guys are decent receivers but shouldn’t be wide receiver 1’s. So forcing Lamar to pass to those guys on most of the plays for most passing plays there will be incompletions. But this has nothing to do with Lamar not having receiver weapons but I have proof from the past that when Lamar has to make a big throw or make a game winning drive or do anything that’s in any form of clutch Lamar Jackson doesn’t convert at all. I am not a fan of this guy for a reason his playstyle doesn’t go around a game winning drive because if the Raiders put pressure on him and take things out of his game tonight I truly think the Raiders can win.

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Now to my favorite part of the article my score prediction! I have confidence in my takes like usual I do not like Lamar Jackson what’s so ever and I have trust in this Raiders team! So my score prediction is the Las Vegas Raiders to win at a score of 23-17 and I will add a little extra to this prediction I predict tight end Darren Waller will catch the game winning td just to make this prediction a little more exiting. Thanks for reading let me know your thoughts!