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MVP Leaders Through Week 10

This may be the closest MVP race we’ve seen in years. I’d argue 12 QBs, 2 RBs and a WR have a legitimate shot at winning it. We can rule out Kupp, Chubb and Taylor because, let’s be honest, Most Valuable Player means “Best Performance by a Quarterback.” So here are my top 5 leaders for the award, with some comments on players who didn’t make it.

1. Tom Brady, (6-3)
Anyone who has been watching the NFL for a long time knows that Tom Brady, statistically, should be the favourite for MVP. First in TD passes and third in yards, Brady has been tearing it up with his amazing supporting cast. Many would devalue him for his great team, but I’d argue the Buccaneers wouldn’t be where they are if the GOAT wasn’t playing for them.

2. Aaron Rodgers, (8-1)
His stats don’t explain it, but Aaron Rodgers has been as sharp as he ever has been. He’s always been considered so good for his consistency, and ability to score without turning it over. And he’s perfected it this year, with just two interceptions since week 1.

3. Dak Prescott, (6-2)
Prescott beats or compares to Rodgers in every important stat, however I have him lower for one reason: I don’t think Dak is as valuable to his team as Aaron Rodgers. Prescott’s team won when he was out, and Rodgers’ didn’t (and struggled to score 7 points). Saying this, Dak is having an incredible season and deserves an MVP.

4. Josh Allen (6-3)
Allen, statistically has been more impressive than I think many realize. If he can get his team to the top of the AFC, he’ll have an incredible case for MVP.

5. Kyler Murray, (7-1)
Murray’s been mind blowing. He’s been the most fun player in the league to watch. But his passing and rushing stats are disappointing compared to the rest of the list. The two missed games does not help his case, especially considering one of them the Cardinals won.


Matthew Stafford, (7-3)
Statistically, he’s been very good. Recently though, he has struggled and doesn’t look like the candidate we had thought he was. Also, where’s the credit for Cooper Kupp? He should be a lock for OPOTY at this point.

Lamar Jackson, (6-3)
It’s true there aren’t many players more valuable to their team than Lamar Jackson. When he plays good, the Ravens win, when he plays bad, they (usually) lose. However, I would argue he’s played bad too many times this season. With a 14-8 TD-INT ratio. It’s hard for me to put him in that conversation.