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My NFL Team Power Rankings

The NFL has always been an insane league. With teams that go undefeated, teams that don’t win a game, and teams that destroy others but then get destroyed (Saints right now). These are my NFL Power Rankings. I will be doing this every week and will say what their rank was the previous week. Let’s Go!


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0

The Buccaneers are already looking unstoppable after winning the Super Bowl. They beat the Cowboys in the season opener and then took the Falcons down by 283, I mean 23 points. Sorry, I had to. 


  1. Kansas City Chiefs 1-1

Yes I know, they lost to the Ravens but only because Clyde fumbled the ball and I know it is football and that happens but they still looked like an amazing team. They also barely got the victory against the Browns, but it’s still the Chiefs. 


  1. Baltimore Ravens 1-1

It was the only way to make things right if I put the Chiefs at two. But in all seriousness, they showed what they can do in tough situations and they pulled through. They did lose to the Raiders in OT in the first week but we will cut them a small break. 


  1. Arizona Cardinals 2-0

The Arizona Cardinals came out in week one looking hot against the Titans. In week two, they got the win only by one against the Vikings. They still look really good and maybe a little underrated. 


  1. Las Vegas Raiders 2-0

Yes, I put them in the right spot, and no, I am not insane. The Raiders are looking real good. They beat the Ravens in OT in week one. And then they turned around and beat the Steelers. Derek Carr is also leading the league in passing yards. They have an easy matchup against the Dolphins this week. Well it should be easy for them since they have beaten two pretty good teams. 


  1. Cleveland Browns 1-1

They barely lost to the Chiefs in week one after leading almost the whole game. They beat the Texans this week. Baker had to step out for a couple minutes. And Landry also got hurt. They still pulled the win though. 


  1. Los Angeles Rams 2-0

Matthew Stafford is already adjusting to the Rams. He has been playing well. They beat the Rams by quite a bit in week one and just beat the Colts in week two.


  1. Buffalo Bills 1-1

The Bills did not look great in their week one matchup against the Steelers. They definitely found their rhythm in week two shattering and shutting down the Dolphins 35-0. Josh Allen and Diggs are going to be an amazing duo once again. 


  1. Tennessee Titans 1-1

Like the Bills, the Titans were not good in week one in a tough loss against the Cardinals. They came back and took over the Seattle Seahawks and Derrick Henry is back. 


  1. San Francisco 49ers 2-0

The 49ers won in week one against the Lions but almost choked it in the last few minutes. They played the Eagles in week two and only won by six. The 49ers are cutting them real close.


  1. Seattle Seahawks 1-1

The Seahawks beat the Colts in week one. They just lost to the Titans in week two though. Russell Wilson will step his game soon. 


  1. Dallas Cowboys 1-1

The Cowboys barely lost to the Buccaneers due to a game winning field goal by Succop. The second week, they beat the Chargers by three. Dak is back and doing a good job. 


  1. Carolina Panthers 2-0

The Panthers first beat the Jets 19-14. They then turned around and beat the Saints by quite a bit. McCaffery is looking deadly. 

  1. New Orleans Saints 1-1

The Saints started off strong defeating the Packer and destroying them. But they then got destroyed by the Panthers and kind of ruined everything they had last week. They are going to have to bounce back and recover quickly. 


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1

The Steelers may have won their first game but they still didn’t look that good. They then lost to the Raiders. Najee Harris did look amazing in his second game though. 


  1. Green Bay Packers 1-1

The Packers got demolished by the Saints in week one. They played the Lions in week two and had a strong second half to win. Aaron Jones had four touchdowns that led them to victory. 


  1. Denver Broncos 2-0

The Broncos are the worst undefeated ranked team, not because I think they’re bad, but because they played the Giants and Jaguars. Their defense is so strong and deadly though. Jerry Jeudy is out for a few games but they have pretty good depth. This might be a team to lookout for. 


  1. New England Patriots 1-1

The Patriots first lost to the Dolphins in week one by a single point. They then bounced back and beat the Jets by a few. Mac is the best rookie quarterback right now in my opinion. 


  1. Cincinnati Bengals 1-1

The Bengals beat the Vikings in OT in week one in kind of a shocker. They did lose to the Bear by three in week two though. Joe Burrow is looking great. 


  1. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1

The Eagles beat the Falcons 32-6 in week one. They then played the 49ers and lost 17-11. They had really good plays but they couldn’t finish their drives. They could have easily won this game. 


  1. Los Angeles Chargers 1-1

The Chargers started off beating Washington by three and then lost to the Cowboys by three. They kept up with the Cowboys and I was a little surprised.


  1. Indianapolis Colts 0-2

The Colts lost to the Seahawks by 12 and then to the Rams by three. They pretty much kept up with them which is good. They play the Titans in week three so their tough schedule is continuing. 


  1. Washington Football Team 1-1

Washington lost to the Chargers by three. They then beat the Giants by one by a game winning field goal. It was kind of a weird game. 


  1. Chicago Bears 1-1

The Bears lost to the Rams in week one and didn’t look too great. They bounced back and beat the Bengals by three. It looks like Fields will start now due to Andy Dalton’s injury. 


  1. Minnesota Vikings 0-2

The Vikings started off the season with a three point loss in OT against the Bengals. They then lost to the Cardinals by one. 


  1. Miami Dolphins 1-1

The Dolphins beat the Patriots by one point but then got crushed by the Bills and didn’t score any. 


  1. Detroit Lions 0-2

Jared Goff is doing well for the Lions. They almost came back and beat the 49ers but didn’t quite reach it. They did good in the first half of week two but couldn’t finish well. They still look decent though.


  1. Houston Texans 1-1

The Texans would be higher but Tyrod Taylor’s injury is going to be a major impact on this team so that is what drags them this low. Unless Watson decides to play, Davis Mills is going to have to do wonders. 


  1. New York Giants 0-2

The Giants lost to the Broncos and then lost to Washington by one. They did get 29 points scored on Washington though. But they just don’t have what it takes. 


  1. Atlanta Falcons 0-2

They lost to the Eagles 32-6 and then to the Buccaneers 48-25. The Buccaneers are a really good team though. 


  1. New York Jets 0-2

The Jets lost to the Panthers in week one only by five so they did well. But then Zach Wilson threw 4 interceptions in week two to lose to the Patriots. He is tied with most thrown interceptions in the season with five. 


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2

The Jaguars first lost to the Texans by sixteen and Trevor threw three interceptions. They then lost to the Broncos by ten when he threw two interceptions. He is the guy tied with Zach Wilson.