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My NFL Week Three Game Picks

Panthers vs. Texans

This would have been a great game if Tyrod Taylor didn’t get injured. But now Davis Mills is starting for the first time in his career as a rookie. Christian McCaffery is looking like his old good self and is ready to take anyone on. Sam Darnold has been doing a decent job so far. The Panthers should take this one and run with it. 


Broncos vs. Jets

The Broncos are coming off of two easy wins and should get their third here. Last week, Zach Wilson threw four interceptions and was not good. The Jets also don’t have many weapons on both the offensive and defensive sides. The Broncos should stay undefeated as the Jets continue to search for a win. 


Football Team vs. Bills

The Bills did not look good in the first week but stepped up and beat the Dolphins 35-0. Washington lost by three to the Chargers in the first week but beat the Giants by one later. They both have good defenses. This is going to be an offensive game. And the Bills have it better so they should get the win. 


Bear vs. Browns

I have loved the Browns since Baker Mayfield. I love what this has going and their capabilities. The Bears have not looked great. With Andy Dalton sitting out this game, Justin Fields will have the opportunity to start. Fields looked decent during the preseason and we got a sneak peek last week. I think he will do the job well but the Browns are too much so I say Baker and his team pull the dub. 


Ravens vs. Lions 

The Ravens are coming off of a shocker win against the Chiefs. The Lions have looked well and Goff is doing good but they still don’t have a win, and I don’t think they will get it here. Ravens win this one. 


Colts vs. Titans 

After a worrisome week one game, Derrick Henry and the Titans were able to beat the Seahawks. The Colts are 0-2 after losing to the Seahawks and Rams, which are two pretty tough teams. The Colts will face another tough team here and I have the Titans winning now that they found their rhythm. 


Chargers vs. Chiefs

The Chargers have looked like a decent team so far. Both of their games have been close. The Chiefs also have had two close games. But the Chiefs have faced two harder opponents and should knock out the Chargers pretty easily. 


Saints vs. Patriots 

It is hard to predict how the Saints will do. They demolished the Packer but then the Panthers did the same to the Saints. It all depends on how Winston plays the game. The Patriots have faced two pretty easy opponents losing to one by only a point. It is kind of hard to predict how this game will turn out. I have the Saints recovering from last week and beating the Patriots here. 


Falcons vs. Giants 

The Falcons have looked terrible. Their offense is not good whatsoever. The Giants have looked iffy. I think the Falcons will get their first win and “upset” the Giants here. 


Bengals vs. Steelers

The Bengals have looked decent. After Burrow threw three interceptions last week, they lost. But I still think Burrow is doing a decent job as long as he doesn’t throw many more interceptions. The Steelers have also looked like a decent team. They may have been undefeated for a while last season but it only took them two games to lose this year. Najee showed up though and played a great game. Steelers win this one. 


Cardinals vs. Jaguars

This is the easiest game to pick this week in my opinion. Yeah the Cardinals cut it close last week but their offense is just so deadly. The Jaguars have been terrible. Lawrence has thrown five interceptions in just the first two games. The Cardinals have a good defense so this should be a field day for them. Cardinals take this one. 


Dolphins vs. Raiders

The Raiders have looked tough this season. They have done an incredible job so far. They have beat both the Ravens and Steelers so this should be an easy game for them. Tua is out for the Dolphins too. I think the Raiders will continue their undefeated season. 


Buccaneers vs. Rams

This is a game that I am excited to watch. Tom Brady still isn’t slowing down after winning his seventh super bowl. The Rams have a good defense though. This is going to be a great battle but I think the Buccaneers will get the job done and also continue their undefeated season. 


Seahawks vs. Vikings

The Seahawks have been a good team. Russell Wilson has looked amazing and Lockett is on fire. The Vikings are 0-2 and I don’t think they will get their first win against Seattle. 


Packers vs. 49ers 

The Packers had an extremely rough start to the season but bounced back. The 49ers have cut both games close. I think the Packers will win this game and overall forget about week one. 


Eagles vs. Cowboys

I like this Eagles team. Jalen Hurts has looked really good and so has DeVonta Smith. They also have other weapons. The Cowboys have a deadly wide receiver duo in Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb. They also have Tony Pollard as a really good running back when Zeke can’t do the job. I think the Cowboys will win but I think it will be close.