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My TOP 10 Fantasy Football QB’s for 2021

The NFL Kickoff is getting closer, and many Fantasy Football Leagues will be kicking off in the next couple of weeks!

For me, every single player is important in your Fantasy Team, and I will start my position ranks with Quarterbacks. An ACE QB is super important in your teams, the QB is probably the anchor of your team, but make sure to avoid overpaying those players’ values. For example Last year Lamar Jackson was drafted (on average) in the second round, he finished 10th among QBs in Fantasy Points…and guys like Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, to name a few, were drafted later in Fantasy Drafts and finished better than Lamar.

Before you guys complain I’m not taking Rodgers and Watson into consideration with their unclear situations…


  1. Patrick Mahomes: Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL right now. He has an upgraded Oline and a stacked receiving core. The only thing with Mahomes is that he has a high ceiling, people are getting him in Rds 2-3, I would only be considering drafting Pat if he is available in Rds 4-5.


  1. Josh Allen: Josh Allen is coming from an MVP Caliber season and has a good receiving core. He is a balanced quarterback, solid and strong. The good thing with Allen is that he is a balanced guy, with a good mix between passing and rushing attempts.


  1. Justin Herbert: Herbert had big numbers as a rookie last season, tons of passing attempts. They have a talented receiving core, and during the offseason, the Chargers invested in their young quarterback, bringing him huge players for his offensive line.


  1. Russell Wilson: Wilson is probably one of the safest Quarterbacks for Fantasy football. He has probably a Top 3 Wide Receiver Duos in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, and a good running back core. He has a good value in Rds 5-7.


  1. Dak Prescott: Dak has finished as a Top 10 Fantasy Football QB in 3 out of his 4 seasons in the NFL, the only one out of top 10 was last season (ankle fracture in Week 5). The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best offensive cores in the NFL and Dak has a good FF Value.


  1. Kyler Murray: Kyler Murray has a solid WR Core, and he is a super athletic Quarterback, my concern is that he still has a lot to prove in the NFL. The Cardinals got him AJ Green in Free Agency and Rondale Moore in the Draft, but does not have a clear TE1.


  1. Ryan Tannehill: Tannehill is probably the most underrated Fantasy Football quarterback. He has been a super consistent guy since he got the starting job in Tennessee, and now with the addition of Julio Jones, he has one of the best possible offensive group in the league. You can easily get him in late rounds, and he may end up undrafted in many leagues.


  1. Tom Brady: Tom Brady had a huge first year in Tampa Bay has a super talented and stacked offensive core. Many would be wondering why I have Brady as a Top 10 Fantasy Quarterback, well it is simple… he is very consistent and has enough weapons to be a Top 10 Fantasy QB.


  1. Lamar Jackson: Lamar is a guy who I do not trust for Fantasy Football, it is risky to have him as your Quarterback. Last season he had just 376 pass attempts, he is not a balanced QB in terms of passing-rushing like Josh Allen, Allen had 572 pass attempts and 102 rushing attempts. Jackson finished with more rushing attempts (159) than guys like David Johnson, Cam Akers, Chris Carson, Joe Mixon to name a few.


  1. Matt Ryan: Despite the loss of Julio Jones, Matt Ryan is still a great QB to target in late rounds of 2021 Fantasy Football Drafts, he is coming from a not that good year and still finished as QB 12 in Fantasy Points. He has talented weapons around him, and Mike Davis as RB1, that will force him to have tons of pass attempts (as he did in 2020). Falcons RBs have not been consistent in the last couple of years.

My personal tip for you guys is…  *DO NOT DRAFT A QB IN THE FIRST 4 ROUNDS OF YOUR FANTASY DRAFTS*


  1. Great rundown. I’m psyched to be talking football again. Some interesting choices here. Brady as #8. I think he will go higher in most leagues.