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my top 8 receivers

My favorite position in football is receiver. It is the position I know the most about and I think the position is so fun to watch most of my favorite players are receivers. I know all the receivers all there skill sets and everything but when it comes down to making listed receivers and debating which receivers are better it seems to be everyone has a long argument about it. It seems to be everyone on social media has a different opinion on anything on football and a lot of that is the receiver position people always say oh he isn’t this he is this and it is crazy with all these different opinions on players people have. So today I am going to be doing that showing you guys my list on my top 8 receivers in the NFL my opinion why where they are on the list and why I have them ordered in a way let’s start it my top 8 NFL receivers.

NFL receivers:

NFL Wide Receiver Wallpapers - Top Free NFL Wide Receiver Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

1. Deandre Hopkins

Deandre Hopkins also known as Dhop is one of my favorite receivers I like him a lot he has a lot to the game. In my opinion he is the most all round receiver he can pretty much do everything he has got the best hands in football the man can catch. Not only does he just have the all round receiver game I also think he is just one of those NFL players that are just Impossible to hate. He is so likeable and it seems to be he is a player no one can hate because he doesn’t do anything bad won’t talk much and just plays his game. Back to his skill set he is the guy who has the best hands and a play to prove that was a play that happened just this season. You guys all know the play the big time hail Mary catch with three defenders jumping and circling around Dhop going for the ball at the same time as him and he still came down with the ball to break the heart of the Bills. It was one of the best catches I have ever seen. With three guys draped all over you on about a 50 yard pass and still coming down with the ball while jumping you got to have the best Hands in the NFL. That is the type of play the best receiver in the NFL would make which he is Dhop guys a beast and I truly think he is wide receiver one.

                                   Dhop hail Mary catch Vs Bills:

DeAndre Hopkins Makes NFL's Catch of the Year as Cardinals Stun Bills -  InsideHook

2. Davante Adams

Adams I am a fan of this guy not saying he is one of my favorite receivers but I am a fan of Adams. The guy just popped off this year and played amazing he is for sure the best route runner in the NFL some of you guys might think Stefon Diggs but if you look at Adams route running it just looks beautiful and he is the best at it. Not just will some of you guys disagree with me on who is the best route runner a lot of you might disagree with me putting Adams at 2 and not 1. A lot of people think Adams is the best receiver but hold on there are some reasons to why Dhop is better. Adams had amazing QB play this year he had MVP Aaron Rodgers throwing to him who was playing better than him prime self this year and it seemed like Rodgers could hit any pass. So I feel like if you put Dhop with Rodgers Dhop can do even better because Dhop all round game can go well with Rodgers amazing MVP year. But it is still a really close and good debate between the to guys and can’t totally go wrong going either way Adams is up there and he is amazing. The type of plays Adams makes are fun to watch like one of my favorite plays from Adams was when it was a night game Packers Vs 49ers and Adams ran a deep route to the left corner of the in zone caught it with no room and fell and spun on the ground three times. That is the type of play that might make him the best even me as A big Chicago Bears fan and I’m even a fan of this guy and he plays for my rival team but I still like him and he is amazing.

Davante Adams corner in zone catch Vs 49ers:

Packers strike early with touchdown grab by Davante Adams (Video)

3. Tyreek Hill

Hill is the fastest receiver in the NFL and very small fast and shifty. He is a great deep threat and is also very good on catch and runs on short balls. A good time for when Hill can catch a short ball is when there is a lot of room ahead of him because he is so fast he can run through the open space faster than other receivers do to his speed. One of the really cool things that I like about Tyreek Hill what he does is he always showing the deuces where he shows the peace sign with his fingers it is pretty much his touchdown celebration. But to when I was saying hill is fast on open space for being a deep threat there was a time where he did that really well and at a really important time. And it was in the super bowl it was at a crucial time it was 4th quarter and Chiefs were down by 10 and it was 3rd and 15 and they needed to move the chains badly ball was snapped Hill went deep with pressure coming in on Mahomes he threw it to Hill and hit him way deep. Then that play changed the impact of the whole game to later win the Chiefs the super bowl. 

Tyreek Hill super bowl catch:

How did the Chiefs' Hill get that open? | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Stefon Diggs:

Diggs is a top 2 NFL route runner right behind Davante Adams he is one of the best at it. I know some of you might not like that I put Hill in front of Diggs because it has been a debate on who is better. I know Diggs is probably the more all round receiver but Diggs only proved to be a top 4 or 5 receiver just this year and Hill has been that good for years now and Hill’s speed is so unstoppable I got to put Hill ahead of Diggs. But Diggs at 4 is good though Diggs just popped off this year and it was amazing him and Josh Allen were a great QB WR duo. This is because they both popped off like never before this year they both had big improvements from there seasons last year. But yes Diggs played amazing for the Bills this season and had good plays but my favorite play by him was when he was on the Vikings. This play is famous the Minneapolis miracle it was a playoff game Vs the Saints and Vikings needed a touchdown they were from the In Zone though but they took the snap and QB Case Keenum tossed a prayer to Diggs he caught it and Saints safety had a horrible missed tackle and he ran the whole way and Diggs ended the Saints season. 

Diggs Minneapolis miracle catch: 

Minnesota Vikings Flashback: The Minneapolis Miracle

5. Julio Jones

I know it sounds a little crazy having Julio at number 5 on this list but this guy didn’t do well this season. Yes I know he had a lot of injury’s but we need to face he is not the best anymore and is getting old he deserves to be at 5 because all the receivers I have ahead of him just had breakout seasons and he didn’t. But Julio is Julio he is amazing tall and athletic has one of my favorite QB’s throwing to him Matt Ryan. Julio was injured this year and I think next year he is a contender for comeback player of the year by maybe he can go from being at 5 to 1 again. My favorite Julio play is a play he made in the super bowl years back it was very athletic so hears how it happened. Matt Ryan was in the pocket and escaped and while running tossed the ball to Julio and while reaching up while falling towards out of bounce Julio caught and firmly tapped his feet in bounce then fell and it was complete. 

Julio Jones super bowl catch:

Best of Super Bowl LI: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots | Jersey  patriots, Julio jones, Julio jones falcons

6. Michael Thomas

Thomas is good very over hated though he gets a lot of hate from NFL fans that he doesn’t deserve. Reason to this is because there is one particular route he runs and that is slants. People don’t like that he just runs one route over and over but if it works it works he did break the reception record in 2019 that year he was beast. I am not a Michael Thomas hater I know he runs short routes and doesn’t go deep but he has the route running for his routes and can catch for his reception record. One of my favorite plays by this man was when he looked like he ran a slant and blew past everyone on his route and and when he got the other side of the field. His QB threw it to him and it was a little over thrown and he reached his arm out and caught it one handed while running got to love the one handers.

Thomas one handed catch:

Michael Thomas ONE HANDED CATCH - YouTube

7. Allen Robinson

Allen Robinson is amazing for the Bears my favorite team. Robinson is my favorite receiver and player he used to be very underrated but not as much I got this man at 7 at a good number because he is amazing with bad QB play even with Mitchell Trubisky, Nick Foles, Blake Bortles and Chase Daniel throwing to him through his career he still finds a way to play like top 7 so just Imagine if he had a good QB throwing to him he might even be higher. Robinson balls are always contested and hard to catch because of his bad QB’s Robinson always has defenders around him when he catches it got to love the man. 

Defenders around Robinson:

Allen Robinson has third-most contested catches among WRs since 2018

8. Mike Evans

My final receiver on this list Mike Evans he is one of my new favorite players. He just won the super bowl and he is for sure to be 8 on this list before the season you can argue he wasn’t even top 10 but he is 8 now for sure. One of my favorite things about Evans I like I have mentioned this before he has the best corner receiver rivalry with Marson Lattimore there is always shoving when there playing Vs each other Lattimore does mostly own Evans. But even though it wasn’t that amazing of a catch by Evans my favorite catch by him was when he caught one on Lattimore in the playoffs this year it was a quick pass in the short red zone I like this one because he caught it on Lattimore. 

Mike Evans playoff catch on Lattimore:

HIGHLIGHT: Tom Brady TD Pass to Mike Evans vs. NO         

thank you so much for reading my article those are my top 8 receivers I love the receiver position and I hope you enjoyed reading my article. I really enjoyed making it and worked hard on it so let me know what your opinion is on this what you would change and what you like. Thank you so much for reading!