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My Week 8 CFB Top 25

My CFB Top 25 Going Into Week 8

Week 7 of the College Football regular season sure lived up to the hype with games that meant so much for so many different teams. Teams like Alabama and Penn State receiving their first loss on the season changes my Top 25 Rankings and get us to think how good these teams are this season. So on that note we should jump right in to my Week 8 CFB Top 25 Rankings! (These are my rankings from what I’ve seen on the playing field so far through 7 weeks of football.)

  1. Ohio State (6-0)
  2. Georgia (7-0)
  3. Michigan (7-0)
  4. Tennessee (6-0)
  5. Clemson (7-0)
  6. Ole Miss (7-0)
  7. Alabama (6-1)
  8. TCU (6-0)
  9. UCLA (6-0)
  10. Oregon (5-1)
  11. Oklahoma State (5-1)
  12. USC (6-1)
  13. Wake Forest (5-1)
  14. Syracuse (6-0)
  15. Utah (5-2)
  16. Texas (5-2)
  17. Penn State (5-1)
  18. Illinois (6-1)
  19. Kansas State (5-1)
  20. Kentucky (5-2)
  21. Cincinnati (5-1)
  22. Mississippi State (5-2)
  23. NC State (5-2)
  24. North Carolina (6-1)
  25. Purdue (5-2)



    1. Thank you! But yea Tulane and LSU were just out of the top 25 for me. I should’ve listed the “just outside of the top 25” because Tulane and LSU would definitely be there. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

    1. Yes, I believe that Texas Football is back plus the Big 12 is so competitive that any team can win anytime, anywhere. That’s my explanation for the close win to Iowa St. Also today is an opportunity for Tulane to crack my top 25 rankings this week if they win. I appreciate the feedback though 🙂 Always Helps!

    1. It was a coin flip for me, there’s arguments for both teams but at the end of the day it’ll sort itself out. I’ve seen both teams struggle at times during games but Michigan physically man handled Penn State.