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NBA News 06/24/21

I plan on starting to do daily NBA news and share my thoughts on them! Let me know if I should keep this going. Without further due, let’s hop into today’s news!


The 76ers are reportedly committed to keeping Ben Simmons as a central piece of their franchise per Woj. I honestly don’t think this a good move by Philadelphia. We saw how he played during the postseason and it was just so awful. If I were the general manager of the Sixers, I would look to move him. I am sure there are a few teams that would give up a player for Simmons. 


The Thunder plan on trading Kemba Walker per NY Daily News. It is unclear if it will happen before or after the start of the 2021-22 season. I actually kind of like this move. I feel like they can get a key player for Kemba. I liked the trade to the Celtics. OKC is in rebuilding mode and they need to get some players to play with Shai as he is a good upcoming star. They have to get him the right players. I also think they would be good with keeping Kemba too. But as long as they get a good trade, I also think that will work. 


The Blazers have assured CJ McCollum that he won’t be traded per Ahn Fire Digital. I agree with this a ton. McCollum was amazing with Lillard this year and I think he deserves a little more credit. He was a really good sidekick. Now they just need to see if they can keep Lillard there and pick up a good center. The Blazers have a future if all this happens. 


The Indiana Pacers have hired head coach Rick Carlisle to a 4-year, $29m contract per Shams. I think this is a solid pickup. Indiana needs to get better players though. Right now, all they really have is Sabonis. 


The 2021 Team USA roster has officially been announced per Shams. The roster includes Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum, Bradley Beal, Zack LaVine, Jrue Holiday, Kevin Love, Bam Adebayo, Draymond Green, Khris Middleton, and Jerami Grant. I can’t wait to see this team tear up the Tokyo Olympics. 


Marvin Bagley III is unhappy with the Sacramento Kings and he wants to be with another team per himself and Marvin Bagley Jr. I honestly wouldn’t want to stay on the Kings either. I am sure there are teams interested in him. He is a pretty solid player and I think some teams would like to have a player like him on the court, 


The Cavaliers have begun exploring trade options involving Collin Sexton following their recent draft lottery luck per Jeremy Woo. I think Sexton is a really good guard. I think he is super underrated. He would be a really good roleplayer or even 6th man on another team.


  1. If these means were getting more news and analysis of that news I’m all in. I like this format and it cramps as much information as possible into a relatively short read that won’t lose people.