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NBA News 06/25 – 06/27

I am going to continue this series, I think it’s a good idea. Lots of Damian Lillard news recently. There are also a few Ben Simmons headlines. And trade rumors are getting heated. So let’s get into it. 


Damian Lillard is getting impatient with the Blazers and wants to win a championship now per Jason Quick. The Blazers have been first round exits quite often. Lilllard has been carrying this team for a while with a little help from CJ McCollum. I wouldn’t blame Lillard for wanting to get out. 


There is a 75% the Miami Heat trade Tyler Herro this summer per Ethan Skolnick. Herro really fell off this year after breaking out in the Playoffs last year. I am sure the Heat can get some value for him. I don’t know if he will ever reach that potential again. I honestly think that he will get to that point but he needs a reliable team. 


Brian Scalabrine believes Erik Spoelstra and the Heat can fix Ben Simmons per himself. I don’t know about this. I don’t think he would fit well in Miami but who knows. The 76ers already said they want to keep him though. Maybe he can get a jumper and show up next season but he needs to get to work quick. 


An NBA insider believes that the Warriors will make a push for Ben Simmons per Evan Massey. Like I said before, the Sixers want to apparently keep him. I think the 76ers should see who they can get. Simmons probably still has quite a bit of value despite this year’s Playoffs. Maybe they can rebuild around Embiid. 


The Dallas Mavericks have agreements to hire Jason Kidd as their new head coach per Shams. I actually like this. Kidd was a former NBA player most known for his role with the Mavericks. He doesn’t seem like he would be a bad coach. He was assistant coach for the Lakers this season so it will be fun to see him be the head coach for Dallas. 


Chauncey Billups has emerged as the front-runner for the Blazers head coach job Woj. I don’t know if I like this 100% yet. He wouldn’t be too bad but I would look for other options. Damian Lillard wants Billups though so if the Blazers want Lillard, they will get Billups. 


A trade centered around Marcus Smart and CJ McCollum has been discussed and the likelihood of CJ being traded is probable per The Athletic. This makes no sense since the Blazers told him he won’t be traded. The Blazers need to really make up their mind because they might lose Damian soon too. 


NBA executives believe that it will take multiple first round picks in order to receive Ben Simmons per Evan Massey. I doubt this to be completely honest. I think a player and maybe one 1st round pick will be enough. Simmons’ value dropped a little bit after the Playoffs. 


ESPN’s Tim Bontemps says the Thunder might consider trading away Shai Gilgeous-Alexander per ClutchPoints. I would keep him and build a better team around him in my opinion. They acquired Kemba Walker and they are most likely going to trade him. They should keep Shai as a center piece for their team. 


The Rockets are a potential landing spot for Tyler Herro per Evan Massey. I like this. The Rockets picked up John Wall and that did not seem to work out. They lost both James Harden and Russell Westbrook this past season. They just need to completely restart and build a new improved team. 


Kawhi Leonard is upset with the Clippers because of how they have handled his knee injury per Skip Bayless. Kawhi had this relationship with the Spurs so it seems like a repeat. He has not played in game 1-5 of the Western Conference Finals and they are in a tough spot. They really need Kawhi to have a big chance. 


Damian Lillard might request a trade due to the team’s coaching process and inability to build a title roster per Chri Haynes. This isn’t honestly big news because we all saw this coming. Like I said earlier, Lillard has been carrying. 


The New Orleans Pelicans are reportedly willing to give up Brandon Ingram and multiple 1st round picks to get Damian Lillard per Evan Massey. I think the Pelicans would fit there well. The Pelicans are already in trade talks with Lonzo Ball. It looks like they are rebuilding around Zion Williamson. 


The Miami Heat are all in and willing to do anything it takes to get Damian Lillard per Brett Siegel. Damian Lillard and Jimmy Butler would be pretty lethal. But they would probably have to get rid of Butler or Bam to get Lillard. 


The Boston Celtics have shown interest in CJ McCollum per The Athletic. I think this is actually a great fit. Him and Tatum would tear up together. I think Boston should make a push for him considering they just lost Kemba Walker. 


Those were the top headlines from 06/25 to 06/27.