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New England Patriots defeat the Indianapolis Colts

That was rough, how much can I really say, this is the final game in Frank Reich’s career, it was so bad. I can’t be hurt by this team anymore, there is nothing I can feel about this team, I hate the offensive line, there is just a lack of effort coming from them more than anything, nobody seems to care about playing, it just trying to get through the season, the receivers looked dead, the defense is the only part of the team that puts in any effort, they really only gave up 12 points, the touchdowns that were given up were because of the offense and special teams, it’s honestly sad how a season of great defensive football is wasted by such a putrid excuse for an offense. I guess we can go over the goals and how we didn’t succeed.

Offensive Goals of the Game

Protect the Ball: No fumbles lost! That’s good right? It’s not like they had a pick-6 off the fingers of Kylen Granson, right? Right????? The interception was in a desperation drive to pray for a possibility of a comeback. Early in the game they were actually pretty good with the ball besides the blocked punt but I can’t really blame that on the offense.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid): They did run the ball 22 times compared to throwing it 29 times and in a game where you averaged 3.5 yards per carry and was down 2+ scores in the 4th, it wasn’t too shocking, they gave him the chance to throw it deep a few times, he missed a deep ball and Jelani Woods missed a deep ball. 

RUN THE DAMN BALL: I liked they tried to run the ball to the outside a few times, that was refreshing, but the Patriots were too strong, Frank tried to tire them out by running it up the middle and thinking they would break but they never broke, the line just isn’t strong enough. Personnel wise, the only problem with this team is the offensive line, you don’t know about the quarterback yet, the biggest problem is inside the organization, it’s rotting from the inside.

Defensive Keys to the Game

Bring Zappe Back: Well you couldn’t get him physically back into the game but you got after Mac Jones, 7 quarterback hits along with 4 sacks, he had a 29.1 QBR with under 200 passing yards on 20 completions, they did what they had to do defensively

Make the Pats Paye: Kwity had a sack in his triumphant return to the field, that’s the impact we expected from him, he had 7 solo tackles, leading the team in tackles. It was an encouraging return that the Colts could have used earlier.

Bend but Don’t Break: The only offensive touchdowns for the Patriots was off the blocked punt that landed them at the Indy 3 yard line. Every Patriots score was a field goal so that was successful, almost every and any football team should win if your defense only gives up 12 points

Player of the Game Prediction

Deon Jackson was a strong choice, his last game against the Jaguars, he had 120 all purpose yards but a knee injury early hindered him. He averaged 2.1 yards per rush on 11 carries although again, his injury kept him from seeing any meaningful action.


I can’t forget to tell you guys that on Sunday night I said Reich would be fired in the morning and I was right, I was shocked to hear Bubba Ventrone was not named head coach because of his reputation with the team, I thought that John Fox would have been a nice addition as an offensive coordinator, Saturday hiring a 30 year old QB assistant as play caller seemed like a movie of how the new coach comes in and discovers the young kid who is super smart and super shy so this may just work. People complaining about Jeff Saturday being hired because he is not a black head coach probably don’t realize that Tony Dungy is a special advisor for the Colts, I guarantee he was one of the first people they called when they made the decision, although I assumed they called Peyton, he said he hasn’t heard from the Colts, soooooooooooo, what’s up with that? You know what, I wonder if he contacted Andrew Luck, it was probably Andrew getting the 15th call of the month from Jim and he assumed it was asking him to come back from retirement to play quarterback, I wish they would have Peyton as head coach, Saturday as offensive line coach, Reggie as wide receiver coach, Andrew as QB coach, Tony Dungy as GM and Jim Harbaugh as head coach, remember he was a former Colt himself, Captain Comeback.