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NFC Division Winners Predictions!

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

Now, don’t call me bias since im a die hard packers fan. But I do this the Packers will win the NFC North division once again. The only competition the packers have to face are the Vikings. The Chicago bears had a horrible off season, signing a washed up QB, and letting go all pro corner Kyle Fuller. The Lions, will just be the lions. The vikings had a decent off season, but does not automatically mean they win the North. Minnesota has a horrid O line, and their defense is very inconsistent. Green Bay just came off going to the NFC Championship with the MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Honestly, this shouldn’t be a surprise, don’t sleep on the pack next year!


NFC West

Las Angeles Rams

This was very tough to think about, because the NFC West are the hardest division to play in. The 49ers will be coming off a horrible season because of injuries. So I think the 49ers will still be a playoff contender, but they wont be better than the rams. The seahawks didn’t have a great off season, and like I said, the NFC West is the hardest division, one bad move in the off season, then that might ruin your chance of winning the west. Now, the cardinals had a good off season, and kinda went all out, signing all pro defensive end, JJ Watt, all pro center, Rodney Hudson, and all pro wide receiver, AJ Green. The cardinals vs rams rivalry will be tough, and I wont be surprised if the cardinals come on top. But the rams arguably have the best defense in the league, and had a great off season. LA signed all pro quarterback, Matthew Stafford and wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. I think the rams can not just win the west, but even become a superbowl team!


NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lets all be honest, this isn’t a surprise, they just won the gosh darn superbowl! The buccaneers had a top tier off season, resigning all their important players. I don’t know how because of cap space, but according to Bruce Arians, cap space is a myth. They have not much competition in the south, the saints had a shaky off season plus with Drew Brees retiring. The falcons are just the falcons. But, the panthers are a sleeper team, signing quarterback Sam Darnold who looks to have potential in him. Now, the panthers will be a contender next year, but they won win over Tom Brady. Tampa Bay have a top tier defense and a top tier offense. The buccaneers are so good that some projections have them going back to back super bowl wins. We all know that the buccaneers will win the south, if they dont then I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.


 NFC East

Literally Anyone.. (Except The Eagles)

I honestly don’t know who will win this division. The NFC East are the worst division in the league, and the Giants, Washington, and Cowboys are so close to each others talents. Washington and New York had some great moves in free agency, Washington signed wide reciever Curtis Samuel, and the giants signed wide reciever Kenny Golladay. I can see any of the teams in the east win the division, except for the eagles. Ill have to wait till which teams draft who and more free agent moves.