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NFL Players on New Teams

This NFL offseason is already pretty crazy and it isn’t even over yet. With an overwhelming amount of players putting on different jerseys, it might be hard to keep track of all the new team changes. I know this because it happens to me. I see a star player in a new uniform and think to myself, “I forgot he went there.” That is why I am here to cover the top NFL stars who will be representing different teams. It would be a terribly long list if I did every single player, so I will be doing the most important changes. It will also only be the four offensive skill positions.




Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers to New York Jets

After spending 18 seasons with Packers, 2011 Super Bowl Champion and 4x time MVP Rodgers is taking his talent to the Jets. After all the drama and conflict with Green Bay, it was best for him to go somewhere else. Coming with him from Green Bay are wide receivers Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb. This will make him more comfortable and should help the transition from team to team. 


Derek Carr – Las Vegas Raiders to New Orleans Saints

After many failed seasons, Derek Carr finally escaped the Raiders and signed with the Saints. The Saints also added Jamaal Williams which adds to their running back core since they also have Alvin Kamara. He also gets to play with good weapons like Chris Olave, Michael Thomas, and Juwan Johnson. This could easily make the Saints a sleeper team. 

Baker Mayfield – Carolina Panthers to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After leading the Browns to their first Playoff run since 2002, they still decided to dump him for Desaun Watson. He then went to the Rams and Panthers last season. He played some really good games proving he is still worthy. After Tom Brady retired, the Buccaneers needed to find a quarterback and they ended up on Mayfield. He has a strong receiving core to help him out and hopefully he finds success. 


Andy Dalton – New Orleans Saints to Carolina Panthers

After leaving the Bengals, Andy Dalton became a backup quarterback for many teams. He is now heading to Carolina where he will have to compete with #1 draft pick, rookie Bryce Young. He entered OTAs as the number one guy but that could easily change. However, with him having a chance to start, I included him on this list. 


Jimmy Garoppolo – San Francisco 49ers to Las Vegas Raiders

The 49ers had way too much young talent at the QB position and it was just right to get rid of Garoppolo. He quickly found a new home on the Raiders replacing Derek Carr. Darren Waller left the Raiders as well leaving Jimmy with a receiving core that isn’t the greatest. They were able to pick up Jakobi Meyers for a little bit of extra help. 


Running Backs:


D’Andre Swift – Detroit Lions to Philadelphia Eagles

Swift got traded from a team that didn’t make the playoffs to a team that just barely came up short in the Super Bowl so I would say that he definitely made a huge upgrade. He is a huge improvement from Miles Sanders. This only improves the already stacked, young, and talented team. This could easily lead to another Eagles Super Bowl run. 


Miles Sanders – Philadelphia Eagles to Carolina Panthers

On the topic of Miles Sanders, he will be a Panther this season. The Panthers are adding so many guys and they could be a sleeper team for sure. Don’t get me wrong, Miles Sanders is good, the Eagles just found someone better. But the Panthers should be an exciting team to watch. 


David Montgomery – Chicago Bears to Detroit Lions

With the Lions losing both D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams, it was clear the Lions needed to pick up a reliable running back. Montgomery isn’t the best or near the best but he is still pretty solid and will at least be a good secondary option for Detroit. 


Jamaal Williams – Detroit Lions to New Orleans Saints

Jamaal Williams had a monster season with the Lions proving he is worthy. However, he could not find an agreement with them so he chose to leave. The Saints were right there to pick him up and take him as their own. He was good behind D’Andre Swift, so why wouldn’t he be good behind Alvin Kamara? I love him as a player so I hope he has as much (if not, more) success in New Orleans. 


Damien Harris – New England Patriots to Buffalo Bills 

After 4 seasons with New England, Damien Harris decided it was time to go somewhere else. The Bills lost Devin Singletary and needed another solid running back so they quickly picked up Harris. Harris is pretty mediocre but I think it is still a good fit and pickup. It won’t hurt them so why not?


James Robinson – New York Jets to New England Patriots 

James Robinson was a star for the Jaguars but he was also pretty inconsistent so when the Jets lost Breece Hall, the Jags traded him to New York. He finished out the year with them putting up some pretty solid numbers. Now that the Patriots lost Damien Harris, they were able to pick up Robinson. I think this is a huge upgrade for New England and he should fit in pretty easily.  


Wide Receivers:


DJ Moore – Carolina Panthers to Chicago Bears

DJ Moore was easily the #1 player on the Panthers last year but there was literally no help. He was traded to the Bears so Carolina could acquire the #1 pick and take Bryce Young. Moore will have Justin Fields throwing to him which I think will be a good fit. I think Fields will continue to only improve and having Moore as an option will definitely help him and the Bears overcome some teams. 


Odell Beckham Jr – Free Agent to Baltimore Ravens

After winning the Super Bowl with the Rams but then becoming injured, OBJ sat out a year and was rumored to go to a lot of teams. On the other side of things, Lamar Jackson was threatening to leave Baltimore if they didn’t get him some help. The Ravens then landed Odell and it was enough to persuade Lamar to stay. They are also rumored to get some other weapons like D-Hop but only time will tell. 


Adam Thielen – Minnesota Vikings to Carolina Panthers

With Justin Jefferson taking over Minnesota and the Panthers losing Moore, the stars aligned for Thielen to go to Carolina. Rookie Bryce Young is looking pretty good in practice so Thielen shouldn’t be worried about that. The Panthers also picked up WR DJ Chark as you will see him on this list later. Thielen could easily be the #1 star for this team. 


Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers to New York Jets

Both of Aaron Rodgers top weapons from last season are following him to New York. This will make the transition easier and they are already familiar with each other and don’t have to start over on building chemistry. I think this is a really good move for the Jets considering they already have some pretty good weapons. 


Brandin Cooks – Houston Texans to Dallas Cowboys

Brandin Cooks has been going from team to team for a while now. He has been on a really crappy Texans team and it is nice to see him get out. The Cowboys already have an amazon WR core so adding Cooks makes their weapons immaculate. They did lose Schultz but I don’t think that they will necessarily need him. 


DJ Chark Jr – Detroit Lions to Carolina Panthers

DJ Chark Jr was pretty good on the Jaguars but not the best for the Lions. I am glad to see him get a new opportunity. The Panthers are doing an amazing job during this offseason. Maybe Thielen and Chark can even become the new Moore and Samuel. 


Calvin Ridley – Atlanta Falcons to Jacksonville Jaguars

After getting suspended for a year after betting on games, Ridley was moved to Jacksonville. However, I think this is an upgrade for both Calvin himself and the Jaguars. The Jaguars made it to the Playoffs last year and even won the first round even after being down 27 points. So adding Ridley is an amazing pickup and should help them. Maybe they can even make it further. 


Jakobi Meyers – New England Patriots to Las Vegas Raiders

I think Jakobi is pretty underappreciated in the NFL world. He seems to only improve every year and I think he will be a really good fit in Las Vegas leading a bunch of undrafted Raiders. I think he has the ability to become a leader and help the Raiders. He also is reunited with McDaniels. And former Patriot, Garopollo, is throwing to him. 


JuJu Smith-Schuster – Kansas City Chiefs to New England Patriots

Super Bowl Champion, Juju, has decided to leave and join New England to help them out. He is a pretty solid player that was caught up in some controversy with the Steelers. I don’t see him being the reason that the Patriots make the Playoffs but he should give them a boost. It really depends on their quarterback situation and if Mac Jones improves. 


Tight Ends:


Dalton Schultz – Dallas Cowboys to Houston Texans

We finally reach the tight ends and there aren’t that many. However, Schultz was an outstanding tight end for Dallas. He isn’t too far from Dallas and will stay in Texas but in the city of Houston. Rookie CJ Stroud will be the one throwing to him. I don’t see them making the Playoffs this year but they could in the near future. 


Hayden Hurst – Cincinnati Bengals to Carolina Panthers

Hayden Hurst was incredible for the Bengals. The Panthers landed him, making their case for the playoffs even more believable. I think he has the chance to become a top tight end league wide in Carolina. Bryce Young will be able to utilize him a lot. I am falling in love with the Panthers team with all of the players they are landing. 


Mike Gesicki – Miami Dolphins to New England Patriots

Gesicki has always been near the top of his position in Miami, and he will stay in the same division, representing New England. He could be the difference maker the Patriots have been looking for. The Patriots are known for the star tight ends and wide receivers they are able to produce. I think Belichick will love Gesicki so I am excited to see where this takes them. 


Darren Waller – Las Vegas Raiders to New York Giants

And finally we have Darren Waller. Waller was considerably top 3, if not, top 5 in the tight end position last season. He dealt with some injuries that maybe worsened his case. However, I love this move and I think he can impact the Giants and help them a ton. 


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