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NFL Power Rankings After Week Three

This past week was filled with surprise and upsets. Take a look at my power rankings after week three. I decided to only explain the top twenty because it gets really difficult and repetitive. 


  1. Los Angeles Rams 3-0 Previous Rank: 7

The Rams beat the Buccaneers by ten last week to take the win. The Buccaneers were my number one rank last week. Tom Brady threw only one touchdown pass. Matthew Stafford took over and threw four. The Rams face a 3-0 Cardinals team this week. Who will come out with their first loss of the season?


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 Previous Rank: 1

They may have lost a tough match but they still looked good. Brady threw for over 400 yards. He had one passing and one rushing touchdown. They play the Patriots next week and should get past them pretty easily but you never know. 


  1. Buffalo Bills 2-1 Previous Rank: 8

The Bills have proved that week one was just a flop. They have taken two wins since then, both by a big point difference. They play the Texans this week. The Bills should take this one by a lot also especially with Tyrod Taylor being injured. 


  1. Cleveland Browns 2-1 Previous Rank: 6

This might be a rank where I get flamed but I have so much faith in this Browns team. Their running back duo is so unfair and good in Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. Baker Mayfield seems to be getting a little better. They are going to play Minnesota this week. It might be close for a little bit but the Browns will start to score and score. 


  1. Arizona Cardinals 3-0 Previous Rank: 4 

This might be another move that is questionable. Although they let the Jaguars get a 109 yard touchdown does not mean that this team is falling down! DeAndre Hopkins will get back to his old self real quick and Kyler Murray will help him. They still got Rondale Moore, Christian Kirk, and A.J. Greene! This team is so powerful and people don’t realize it. They do face a really good team in the Rams though. It is going to be an exciting matchup. 


  1. Las Vegas Raiders 3-0 Previous Rank: 5

The Raiders have had a really good season so far. Derek Carr is leading the league in passing yards. They continue their win streak. They face the Chargers next week though and I am not quite sure that they are prepared to face them. 


  1. Green Bay Packers 2-1 Previous Rank: 16

It was hard putting the Packers this high but Aaron Rodgers is back and ready to dominate. We now have seen that he is ready to put everything on the line to win a game. They face the Steelers this week and I think it will be a fun game. 


  1. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 Previous Rank: 3

Justin Tucker kicks a 66 yard field goal to win the game against the Lions. It must hurt to be a Lions fan. The Ravens only had one touchdown that game. They face the Denver Broncos this week and they have a pretty good defense so they are going to have to really show some more offense than last week if they want to stay in.


  1. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 Previous Rank: 12

The Cowboys definitely left their mark last week dominating on the offense. This proves that they have an elite and pretty powerful offense. They play the 3-0 Panthers this week but I think it will be a close game. 


  1. Kansas City Chiefs 1-2 Previous Rank: 2

The Chiefs barely make the top ten after being ranked two last year. The Chiefs need to figure out what is going on with turnovers. Turnovers have killed the Chiefs so far this season and they really need to work on it. If they don’t then…I don’t see the revenge tour being successful. They play Philly this week, I would usually say this would be easy for Kansas City but…things are not going their way. It isn’t time to go full panic mode…yet.


  1. San Francisco 49ers 2-1 Previous Rank: 10

The 49ers lost by only two points after leaving Aaron Rodgers with way too much time…37 seconds. The 49ers just needed to clutch up their defense for not even a minute and they failed to cover DeVante Adams of all people. It was just a freak accident for them. They play the Seahawks this week for a good rivalry game. 


  1. Tennessee Titans 2-1 Previous Rank: 9

The Titans started off the season with a terrible game but found their ways through the next two. Derrick Henry is back to being him, the unstoppable beast of a running back. They play the Jets so basically a bye week for them. Sorry Jets fans.


  1. Denver Broncos 3-0 Previous Rank: 17

The Broncos have had such a cakewalk so far. They have literally played the three worst teams in the league. But they get a chance to prove themselves as a real deal this week against the Ravens. I think that they have a fair chance at it but we will see. 


  1. Los Angeles Chargers Previous Rank: 21

The Chargers shockingly beat the Chiefs last week by six points. The Chiefs turned over the ball a lot but a win is a win. Mike Williams came out of nowhere this season and is acting like Randy Moss but whatever. The Chargers play the 3-0 Raiders this week and it should be fun. 


  1. Carolina Panthers 3-0 Previous Rank: 13

The Panthers are still on the grind. They will have a challenge this week as they play the Dallas Cowboys. Christian McCaffery is out so they will have to improvise a little bit. They will need to spread the ball out more to have a bigger chance.


  1. New Orleans Saints 2-1 Previous Rank: 14

The Saints started off the season by blowing out the Packers but the next week went messy for them and the Panthers destroyed them. They bounced back and took the Patriots down. Jameis Winston needs to stay consistent to give the Saints a chance. 


  1. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 Previous Rank: 19

The Bengals went into their first game and surprisingly beat the Vikings in Overtime by three. They lost the next week to the Bears by three. They then upset the Steelers by quite a bit. Joe Burrow to Ja’Marr Chase is looking like a deadly duo. 


  1. Minnesota Vikings 1-2 Previous Rank: 25

The Vikings first lost to the Bengals by three and then lost again to the Cardinals by one. They came out in week three and upset the Seahawks by thirteen. Dalvin Cook was out so it made it even more impressive. They have a tough matchup coming up against the Browns. 


  1. Seattle Seahawks 1-2 Previous Rank: 11

The Seahawks came out in the season defeating the Colts by twelve. They then lost to the Titans by three. And then they just got upset by the Vikings by thirteen. They play the 49ers this week so they are going to have to step up their game a ton if they want to win. 


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 Previous Rank: 15

The Steelers are not doing good. Ben Roethlisberger has not been playing well at all. They beat the Bills in a sloppy way, got upset by the Raiders, and then upset by the Bengals. They play the Packers so they will have a rough time. 


  1. Philadelphia Eagles 1-2 Previous Rank: 20


  1. Miami Dolphins 1-2 Previous Rank: 26 


  1. New England Patriots 1-2 Previous Rank: 18


  1. Washington Football Team 1-2 Previous Rank: 23


  1. Indianapolis Colts 0-3 Previous Rank: 22


  1. Atlanta Falcons 1-2 Previous Rank: 30


  1. Detroit Lions 0-3 Previous Rank: 27


  1. Chicago Bears 1-2 Previous Rank: 24


  1. Houston Texans 1-2 Previous Rank: 28


  1. New York Giants 0-3 Previous Rank: 29


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-3 Previous Rank: 32


  1. New York Jets 0-3 Previous Rank: 31